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The Road To Front Mission

May 29th, 2012 11 comments

Well, since no one from our team wants to make a posting, it looks like I’m back on the PR duties for the time being! Just don’t count on me doing this for long…

If you checked out the new update that Wilson recently posted on our project website, then you should know that we’re getting closer on the road to Front Mission 2. And more details of what happens in the lives of various cast mates in the Front Mission story, at least from the video game side of things! There’s not much else I’d like to say before I sound like a broken record on the whole development progress of Front Mission 2, haha!

Speaking of roads, here’s another road we’re getting closer to…

Declassified documents in style!

This is only a mock-up of the final product, but here is the first of (hopefully) many teasers for Front Mission: The Declassified Documents! We’ll try to get at least one teaser for each of the major sections in our reference book project, just so everyone has an idea of what to expect. If you haven’t read our analysis of Front Mission as a transmedia, read it. Not only does it shine light on the true design origins of Front Mission, but the analysis does give away a fair bit of what will be covered in greater detail in the reference book. Anyways, enjoy the more-in-English Front Mission 2 prototype test build and this teaser of Front Mission: The Declassified Documents!

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