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June 25, 2102, meet June 25, 2012!

June 25th, 2012 8 comments

Today marks a pretty big day for the Front Mission brand, both officially and for the fans!

Even though 09 has debuted at slightly less sales than 08, it still places well among all comic releases in Japan!

Officially, Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style 09 was just released today. And in predictable fashion, this omnibus volume was gobbled up by hungry fans! Even Kyle, who’s back in Japan for a while, raced to get his copy before it was sold out at a bookstore…and that’s just today! It may not be selling faster than the earlier omnibus volumes, but Front Mission is still beloved by the Japanese! And the series is still on-going with Young Gangan so a tenth volume is guaranteed…and it’s all but assured that the story will continue into 2013!

And for things that are not official, we have finally released Patch 2 for Front Mission 2! And as a bonus, we have also released Prototype Patch 1 for Front Mission Alternative! That’s right, the team hasn’t forgotten about this nifty genre spin-off! Patch 2 for Front Mission 2 pretty much covers the most our programmers have been able to decipher in terms of re-inserting back the text assets. You can read our earlier blog posts on this matter…I’m not rehashing it again! And the Prototype Patch 1 for Front Mission Alternative is bare-bones, but hey, it’s a start!

Our development of Front Mission 2 from our last prototype build is worth a shout because for whatever the reason, all of us decided to really go for it and get things done. While it doesn’t match our heroic 4-month effort to work with the 1,000+ page tome for bases section in Front Mission 5 ~Scars of the War~, nearly a month’s worth of working with at least 100 pages of dialogue was heroic enough.

There’s a few other new updates, but none of them really compare to the above two patch releases. On a parting note, this day and month is significant in the Front Mission universe. Why? Because it’s the day that the Alordesh coup d’etat in Front Mission 2 officially ends! Neat coincidence, eh?

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