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In Japan, Front Mission boasts an extremely devoted and loyal audience united in their appreciation for the transmedia entity. However, its audience in the rest of the world has suffered from a heavily fragmented base for years. Due to a variety of factors which can be traced back to how poorly the franchise was handled overseas, fans around the world had many misconceptions about Front Mission. Whether it’s thinking that Front Mission: Gun Hazard is “Front Mission 2”, there are only five Front Mission entries, Front Mission is all about video games and nothing else, or the notion that Front Mission is supposed to be all about turn-based strategy, one could think that no one really understands the franchise.

That is, until on a certain December 17, 2007, a group of Front Mission fans decided to band together and create a fan-based localization of Front Mission 5 ~Scars of the War~. All of the men and women involved had no idea how many fans were looking forward to the project during its initial conception…but they soon found out the answer. By the time of the project’s completion on December 29, 2009, Front Mission fans from North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia (even some from Japan) had all visited the project website to check up on its progress. Needless to say, the translation team realized that Front Mission could indeed have a united base outside of Japan. And with that, the men and women who had translated such a fine video game decided to delve deep into the Front Mission universe and uncover its secrets…and relay them to the rest of the world. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

The entire team involved with the Front Mission: Series Translation Project would like to thank each and every person who supported them since day one. The team knows that many have done so through e-mail messages over the years. While it is wonderful to read how many people have been “enlightened” on the uniqueness of Front Mission, the team wants to see a more public display of these thanks for all others to read. So, as a fan of Front Mission, please take the time to answer the following questions and polls. Some of these questions were part of this blog posting, but given as it was written a year ago, fans who wrote in it are free to post their updated thoughts. Let’s show the people who denied us of Front Mission for so long how united we are in solidarity!

List all Front Mission video game products which you own.

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Do you own any of the other Front Mission media? (comics, novels, radio dramas, etc.)

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Do you think Front Mission could have been a greater success outside of Japan if it was properly handled and all of its products, including the other media, were released overseas?

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  1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
  2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
  3. What Front Mission products do you own?
  4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
  5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
  6. Why do you like Front Mission?
  1. Kyle
    August 2nd, 2012 at 04:19 | #1

    1. I found out about Front Mission through a video game magazine. Maybe the old PSN magazine?
    2. The first FM I bought was FM3.
    3. FM1 DS, FM1 PSX, FM2, FM2 Greatest Hits, FM3, FM4, FM5
    4. Before the FM Translation project I mostly knew about FM from playing FM3 and the FM1 SNES fan translation. I had played FM4 but I was quite disappointed with it. The thing that first got me sucked into the series (like many others) was the customization and the real world setting. Even though FM3 is not the best game in the series I loved being able to travel around the world in that game when I was a kid. I didn’t know much about the overarching FM series plot at the time though.
    5. The FM Translation project helped me become aware of the overarching FM plot, especially that from FM2 and FM5. Seeing how all the pieces fit together was a lot of fun.
    6. I like the attention to detail in the FM games and the (sometimes) mature plot. I think FM2 is really a standout game in this regard. FM5 on the other hand impressed me with how refined its battle mechanics were.

  2. FMFan76
    August 2nd, 2012 at 06:07 | #2

    1. I found out about Front Mission browsing through the Internet. I learned of it at frontmission.org, which was the only website that covered anything with Front Mission back in the day.

    2. My first Front Mission was FM3, which was a gift from one of my relatives.

    3. From the video games, I own: FM1 SFC, FM1st NDS, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM2089 BoM, FMA, FME, FMO (even though I didn’t play it, I do own a copy), and FMGH. From the other media, I own: FM4 Elsa 1-2, FM The Drive, and FM DL&DS 1-9.

    4. Before the FM Series Translation Project began, I thought FM was pretty unique for being a tactical RPG-based series that used mecha, was set in near-future times, and had pretty addictive customization. I thought FM3 did a good job of showing that off, even if it lost some of its luster from playing the other entries later on. Playing the fan translation of FM1 and then FM4 showed me that FM definitely was no stranger to change when it came to gameplay, music, and even the visuals! FM5, FM2, and then FM2089 BoM helped reinforce all of those things, though they also added one thing: there were definitely plot linkages between the games.

    5. The FM Series Translation Project has helped me realize how awesome Front Mission really is. Aside from realizing the obvious about Front Mission being no stranger to change and those slick mechs, I think the biggest revelation to me was just how grandiose and ambitious the whole story really was. Yes, there was plot linkages…only I had no idea just how many of them existed! It was also amazing to realize that the story transcended games and went into other media, where things are a lot more mature and personal. This also helped me realize that the mechs aren’t really the main attraction in Front Mission like it would in other mecha-themed stories. They just happen to be one of many story movers in the grand scheme of things. I’ve never heard of the word “transmedia” before, but if the word is fairly new as some say, then Front Mission is a damn good pioneer of it!

    6. I like Front Mission for many things. I enjoy the games for their solid gameplay, the customization, and the fact that everything meshes well. And I like the manga for their beautiful artwork and style. But, the story is the real star of Front Mission; you really get a feel that what’s going on either is happening right now, or could happen in our world in the future. From the depictions of people being forced to enlist in the armed forces to escape poverty or the geopolitical tensions between nations, it’s feels real enough to me. No other story has ever had that kind of effect on me, so Front Mission will always be special for that reason!

  3. SuperRad
    August 2nd, 2012 at 15:40 | #3

    1. I don’t remember if it was through PSM or EGM, but they had a 1-column review of FM3. I was already a die-hard Square fan and had already played Final Fantasy Tactics to death, so I picked it up, ASAP.

    2. FM3

    3. FM1 SFC, FM1st NDS, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5 and Gun Hazard

    4. I had no idea how interconnected all of the games were – not only due to the fact that the first two entries were completely skipped over, but also because the continuity was taken out of FM3 and FM4 as they were released for other markets.

    Fortunately there was a FM1 translation in place long before FM5 was even released, which allowed me to get a little more background.

    I also had no clue there was other FM media out there besides video games.

    5. Now I know how ambitious of a series FM was which makes it all the more shocking that Square didn’t take a chance and make localization a higher priority.

    6. Well, for a (primarily) turn-based strategy game involving giant fighting robots – there’s this amazing sense of realism to the plot – all of the actions carry weight in a world that is much like our own and could become our own, and it was a big break from the fantasy themed Square games I had known.

    The themes were more mature, things like romance had little or nothing to do with the plot, it’s like the games themselves are treating you like an adult, which was awesome.

    And, what can I say – it’s still a rush to this day to see an MG unit pop the weakened arms, legs, and then body of an enemy Wanzer.

  4. Boss D
    August 3rd, 2012 at 03:04 | #4

    1. I saw a Front Mission 3 ad in the old unofficial PSM magazine.

    2. Front Mission 3.

    3. FM3, FM4, FM2, FME, FM1 (two versions)

    4. I simply thought that the Front Mission games were fun, fairly unique, and very atmospheric.

    5. My perception of the series didn’t change much per Se, but I definitely got an appreciation for the community dedicated to bringing all Front Mission materials to an English speaking audience! That said, before coming across the Front Mission: Series Translation Project , I had no idea how richly detailed the Front Mission universe was. It has been a pleasant surprise.

    6. Aside from the engaging and strategic gameplay, I really LOVE the political aspects of the Front Mission story-lines, and the terribly interesting (and sometime recurring) characters therein.

  5. LoneWanzerPilot
    August 3rd, 2012 at 12:12 | #5

    1) It was by accident (and one of the best to happen in my life), at my cousin’s house, with FM3 on the PS1

    2) My cousin’s set! The same one I played when the “accident” happened. With Front Mission 3.

    3) In order of acquisition – Front Mission 3, Front Mission First (DS), Front Mission Evolved, Front Mission 4, Front Mission 5, Front Mission 2.

    4) It was the game that I fell in love with. Somehow I found the whole concept, from gameplay to Wanzers and characters very pleasing. I also liked the fact that I could choose what I want to slap on a Wanzer.

    5) I am grateful to all on board first because I’m not alone in loving FM. Talking to people IRL, none have actually heard of the title. Also, Kudos to the team that brought the English translation patch, opening the world of Front Mission just a bit wider to me.

    6) To put it in as few words as possible; It is almost everything that I want, including being released mostly in an awesome genre.

  6. August 3rd, 2012 at 13:17 | #6

    >How did you find out about Front Mission?

    From F.H. back in 2001.

    >Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    The original SFC game after F.H.’s translation was available, but FM3 was the first one I paid money to get.

    >What Front Mission products do you own?

    FM SFC, FM DS, FM 2, FM 3, FM 4, FM 5, and 2089 DS

    >What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?

    We would never get FM2 or FM5 in English, and I was very sad and frustrated with SQEX.

    >How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?

    That the western world might someday have FM1-5 in English, in totality. It would be a miracle and a testament to the good will of an extremely talented and honorable translation team.

    >Why do you like Front Mission?

    Because it is a truly mature franchise with hardcore strategy, excellent story, fantastic atmosphere and music, and above all else Wanzers Wanzers Wanzers!

  7. Billy Vengeance
    August 4th, 2012 at 23:57 | #7

    >How did you find out about Front Mission?

    I discovered this video game in 96′. I was 15 years old. It was the good old times when the gamers used to buy a game only because of the coverbox. 🙂

    >Where did you start off in Front Mission?

    From the very first. . . 🙂 but without understanding the story. While i was studying japanese at the university (2000), I bought FM 2nd and understood only a little part of the plot. (^_^’)

    >What Front Mission products do you own?

    – Front mission 1st Super Famicom
    – Front mission 2nd Playstation
    – Front mission 3 Playstation
    – Front mission 1st Playstation
    – Front mission Alternative (never played)
    – Front mission 4
    – Front mission 5
    – Front mission 2nd Ultimate Hits playstation
    – Front mission 1st japanese version DS
    – Front mission 1st version US DS
    – Front mission 2089 border of madness DS

    >What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?

    One of the best tactical and Robot game series, but frustrating because of the episodes not translated/unreleased outside of japan. THANK YOU FOR HAVING TRANSLATED THE 2 BEST EPISODES OF THIS SERIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2nd and 5th are my favourite episodes!!)

    >How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?

    I finally feel that I’m not the only crazy guy who is playing a video game with robot entirely in japanese outside of Japan country!! To be serious, I tried to make discover this game among my gamer friends but they were reluctant to play it due to the japanese language. Now they thank me (and you for your translations) for making discover this game. 🙂

    >Why do you like Front Mission?

    A difficult strategy game for passionate people. Politics, war, treason, human feelings, unforgettable characters, cold machines and a possible vision of our future!!! That’s Front Mission!

    And many thanks for your work, greetings from France!

  8. Glen Duval
    August 5th, 2012 at 12:44 | #8

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?

    I read a raving review of SFC Front Mission in the uk magazine “Super Play” 1995, bought the import game after that.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    Front Mission (SFC)

    3. What Front Mission products do you own?

    All games (minus the mobile phone ones) and a lot of the manga and guidebooks.

    4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?

    That it’s a great round-based strategy/simulation series.

    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?

    I learned about the existing manga and the transmedia aspect of FM due to the project. Thanks for this.

    6. Why do you like Front Mission?

    I love round based strategy, and coming from Battletech back then i just loved the mecha designs. The smaller, more agile assault suit style Wanzers are among the best mecha designs in existence. Also, the political subtext in the story is appealing to me.

    Front Mission 5 is imho one of the best round based strategy games of all time, with touching story and great missions. And even in the quite broken Front Mission Evolved i still have a lot of fun in multiplayer mode.

  9. solidbox
    August 5th, 2012 at 18:29 | #9

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
    Years ago when me and my friends were into the snes translation scene my friend brought up the first game to me because he knew i had a soft spot for mechs and customization

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission?
    The first Front mission game i owned is probably my favorite game of all time: Front Mission 3

    3. What Front Mission products do you own?
    As of now, FM3, FM4, and FMF (DS)

    4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    I have always enjoyed 1 and 3, but felt like 4 was a let down. I was devestated that 5 never came out to the us because of so many people saying it was the best installment so far.

    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    Well other than evolved, i love the series even more not. but i have to admit the interlinked plot can be dizzying at times due to how much there is.

    6. Why do you like Front Mission?
    I like the games for many things, but my main point of affection lies in the hours i can spend alone on just customizing a mech, but at the same time not being overly complex like that of an armored core game.

  10. Kane
    August 5th, 2012 at 19:06 | #10

    1) How did you find out about Front Mission?
    A: I first discovered the series way back in 1996-1997 while reading up Square’s list of games they released at RPGamer.

    2) Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    A: Bought Front Mission 3 in the US after reading the review from RPGFan back in the spring/summer of 1999.

    3) What Front Mission products do you own?
    A: Games – Front Mission 1-5, GH and Alternative
    Manga – Front Mission Comics, GH Comics, The Drive, Dog Life & Dog Style 1-8
    Novels – Front Line Report, GH A Mercenary’s Iron Legs
    Soundtracks – Front Mission 2 and 5 Original Soundtracks
    Action Figures – FM3 “Grille Sechs” wanzer

    4) What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    I thought the series was a lot of fun with the gameplay mechanics and presentation, which I never get tired of wanzers beating each other up. I also like the setting and political side of the series. Though, at the time, I find it incredibly odd that Square never released other FM titles and I was also very upset that FM5 was supposed to be released in North America, only to be shelved… 🙁

    5) How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    I realized how huge the storyline and how of it is interconnected to one another without feeling disjointed or tacked on. The fact that the manga and novel series expanded much more to the FM folklore is extremely interesting and I don’t regret picking them up one bit.

    6) Why do you like Front Mission?
    I love how the wanzers are not meant to replace all military units but rather augmented them (coughcoughGundamandotherstereotypicalmechaanimeshowscoughcough). Of course, the gameplay aspect never gets tiring at all and the storyline is also incredible to read through. The series helped me learn about the world and its parallels to the real world (i.e., the European unity, the Alordeshi/Bangladeshi wars, hostilities towards the Da Hong Zhong/China, etc.) as well as seeing what the world would be like in the near future.

  11. BobbyWatson
    August 6th, 2012 at 15:29 | #11

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
    Nintendo Power, I believe, in their “Epic Center” section, way back when.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    Front Mission 3. Rented it once, and then bought it eventually, though I’ve never beaten it.

    3. What Front Mission products do you own?
    Front Mission (DS)
    Front Mission 2 (PSOne, re-release version)
    Front Mission 3 (PSOne)
    Front Mission 4 (PS2)
    Front Mission 5 (PS2)
    Front Mission Dog Style & Dog Life volumes 1 and 2 (French translation)

    4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    Even though I owned both 3 and 4 at the time, I was hesitant to jump in because of the missing links. (I have this thing about playing all the games in a series that I enjoy, usually in order.)

    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    Considering how Front Mission 2 is coming along, I now feel that I can jump in with both feet!

    6. Why do you like Front Mission?
    I like Strategy RPGs in general.
    With regards to DL&DS, it’s a good, well told story with detailed, gorgeous art (though probably a bit too gory for my tastes.)

    Thank you very, very much for all the dedication and effort the team has put in the Front Mission 5 and 2 translations. I’m sure you get this all the time, but felt I needed to add my voice.

  12. Tsukihi
    August 7th, 2012 at 22:45 | #12

    How did you find out about Front Mission?
    I played Front Mission for the first time during my childhood. It was in 1996ish, I was 5 or 6. I didn’t understand much in French, neither in Chinese, nor in English, so Japanese was definitely not understandable. However, it didn’t matter, since I didn’t understand much French/Chinese (mother tongues) anyway, what’s the problem in not understanding Japanese as well! I liked the picture, I liked the robots, so I started playing!

    Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    Front Mission 1 (Super Famicom) !

    What Front Mission products do you own?
    Front Mission (SNES), First & 3 (PSX), 4 & 5 (PS2), First & 2089 (DS) Evolved & Online (PC)

    What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    I knew Front Mission as a game had some spin-offs, I heard about side-scrolling; I wasn’t that interested. I didn’t know much about the books and stuff, and I am quite interested to learn more about it.

    How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    Well, you guys are heroes, like many of the translators going around the Internet. I like the idea of spreading culture around the world. Being a (noob) translator as well, I totally support your project. And I have first-hand experience in translation as well, and I know that’s no easy task. Props to you.

    I already was a huge fan of Front Mission before visiting your website, and after reading some articles/blog entries, I found out much more about Front Mission. I really had no idea about how deep the series actually was, I did like the scenario, but I thought it was better than average and there’s nothing more to it. But you have proven me wrong and I’ve started reading some sidestories as well (Dog Life & Dog Style for one), and now I realise how deep the timeline is. I must admit there’s some inconsistencies as well, but hey, they did a good job.

    Why do you like Front Mission?
    Because of the robots! They go pewpew! Well, I wouldn’t say “because of the story telling” because I didn’t understand a single word when I first played Front Mission 1. I had already played Shining Force and I really liked the battle system.
    And then, I saw my brother playing Front Mission, and I was instantly hooked by its gorgeous graphics and music. I still remember most of it!
    Now that I’m a little bit older, I’d say I really like the political involvement in Front Mission — and I now see how frightening it is, we’re not that far away from these kind of scenario. It could happen in the near future!

    Thanks to Front Mission, my love for T-RPG and mechs grew over the years. Well, the part about T-RPG is half true, since I’ve played Shining Force first, but it was a good experience, so I continued playing T-RPGs.
    Now I’m a hardcore Gundam fan, I know a lot about Macross, I finished most of the Super Robot Wars, I tend to watch animes because there are mechs in it, etc.

    Thank you, FrontMission.info! This is the first time I’ve ever been mailed to complete a comment! XD
    And also, thank you Squaresoft.
    Not you, Square Enix! 🙁

  13. Zero Dozer
    August 9th, 2012 at 00:56 | #13

    How did you find out about Front Mission?
    I was playing the SNES Station in my PS2 and I found a Front Mission translated ROM in it. I started to play, and then I got viced in customizing wanzers, as well as its story. Unfortunately, the ROM inside the emulator was one with the bugged scene at Freedom… What made me search for a fixed ROM on the Internet (Nobody is perfect. I rarely have the money to buy something for myself, I am lucky if I am finally getting my hands on a PSP nowadays). Then I found the patch that fixed the error for the game, and found another ROM. When I finished the game, I was totally amazed for what I saw in Royd’s story. Unfortunately, original SNES/PSOne/PS2 games are some rare kind where I live…

    Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    The only one I had the luck to buy was Front Mission 5…

    What Front Mission products do you own?
    As stated above, only Front Mission 5. (And I feel incredibly poor compared to the others who posted here)

    What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    Didn’t know of the site until last year. But when I found it and found about the Front Mission 5 translation, I’ve started to follow the topic.

    How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    Didn’t change, I was already in love with the franchise. But seeing all those translations made me notice how deep is Front Mission’s timeline. Now, when I play Front Mission First or 5, It’s like I could connect my mind to Royd and Walter’s stories.

    Why do you like Front Mission?
    Every game I play, I feel that I am inside a part of the history. Somehow, It’s like I could connect myself to the main characters of each game. I also got completely viced on tuning wanzers XD and the battle system is somewhat unique, getting only better with each game. Front Mission is the real piece of art. One that should be preserved for eternity.

    Well, I don’t know if I will be seen as some fan or some scourge here, but I gave my sincerest opinion.

  14. MobsTracker
    August 11th, 2012 at 10:46 | #14

    1. From my relative who played FM3
    2. First of all, I played FM4, then I bought my own FM3
    3. FM1 (SFC & DS ver.), FM Gun Hazard, FM3
    4. Before the translation, I have played FM3 & FM4. When I know about FM5, I interested & try to play it on a rental, but I don’t know about Japanese & can’t play that
    5. After the translation, I was already like Front Mission Series, & still can’t play FM5 because I don’t have PS2 & my PC (with a standard spec) can’t emulate the game. But I watch the translation on video sharing & Impressed by the gameplay & story of FM5. If I can play FM5, it would be my best Tactical RPG
    6. I love customization, I love RPG, I love Tactical, I love mecha, I love video games with a big story, & I found it in Front Mission Series, so I like the series & always waiting for it’s new product (but it’s coming to an end)

    That’s how I think about Front Mission
    Sorry for my bad english…

  15. Angel Jose Manuel Ribo Esguerra IV
    August 11th, 2012 at 17:12 | #15

    1. Randomly, while looking for a game to buy.

    2. FM4

    3. None of the other games nor merchandise.

    4. Another mecha series, but in the future, where the countries united into supranational unions.

    5. By reading what the translation team have done, I’ve realized that, aside from the games, the novels, manga, and live-action commercial films are needed as well to understand the full 100% of the story.

    6. The story. The series comprises of stories based on what we see, hear, and read in real life. When I realized that things like globalization happen in real life, I was surprised. I like how Tsuchida and company focused on storytelling rather than the mech fights. The story bits are just examples of why I like Front Mission’s storytelling.

  16. Patrick
    August 11th, 2012 at 18:15 | #16

    1.How did you find out about Front Mission?

    Ah, yes. A long story ^^ I believe I was about 9 years old, maybe a bit younger when I went to a good friend. He was sitting there in front of his small TV playing a mecha like game (Front Mission 3), firing with rockets and shotguns at enemy mechs. My first thought was “oh wow, how cool is that” but somehow I never wanted to try it because it looked damn complex and feared I could be bad at it. I didn’t have a PS back then and soon after he moved, we didn’t see for a long time and I slowly forgot about the game.

    However, some time later he gave me a call, told me where is now and asked if I want to come over. It was cool to see him again and I believe after my third visit I recognized FM3. I saw the CD in a shelf where all of his games are when I was looking for a different game (we were both games starting from early on). I remembered him playing it and asked if he wants to play it again so I can watch and maybe learn (still fearing that I’m not good enough xD). However I tried it and was immediately tied to the game. I know, some consider it the worst game from the classic 5 games but for me it will always be a pearl. I just wanted to kill everything and go to the next stage, only later I realized that there were cutscenes, because I always skipped them xD.

    I didn’t follow the story anyway because I couldn’t understand enough English at that time and was focusing on killing stuff with my custom wanzers 😛 From start I absolutely loved the wanzer customization, although I wasn’t that good at it when I look down xD. Gave everybody a missile launcher, turbo backback and the starting weapon. They only had few HP, but missiles are awesome, aren’t they? Especially if you are like 11 years old. I hated myself for that but I remembered going to him just to play the game, I stayed at him over night (sometimes twice) and played like 17 hours a day U_U. With time I understood more and more of the story, started hacking, comparing wanzer parts for best performance, training special skills. And I always printed out a sheet with all Skills available and what parts you need from them (from Frontmission.org).

    I was desperately looking for a German or PC version to play it at home but I couldn’t find one. I didn’t have a PS and even with one I could not have played it because it was only a copy on a modded PS ^^. And when he lost the CD/modded PS (today I believe it was on purpose because I couldn’t get away from it lol). When I was in Vienna with my school I found a store near a cinema which sold old PS1 games and I even got a PS2 at home at that time (think I was 14/15 then). You couldn’t possibly understand how freaking happy I was when I saw FM3 there. I almost used up all of my remaining money but it was so worth it! Others were saying “what do you want with that old game?” but I didn’t regret it of course and was really happy when I finally could play it at home too xD.

    After that I was looking for other front mission games or an online forum (and how I was searching the web!), saw that there were other games, even played Gun Hazard and later FM1 (which I plan on playing again soon). Well, that’s my story. I know its long but I just had to recap that part of my live before my own eyes ^^. I still claim that I am one of the best guys there are at getting the best performance out of a wanzer! And I even made my younger brother playing FM3 occasionally =).

    2.Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)


    3. What Front Mission products do you own?

    FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5, Gun Hazard.

    4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?

    A good series of a few games long forgotten by most people. When I was asking people about FM they either said they don’t know about that (95%) or that they played it once and liked it. But nobody showed any real interest at talking about the series…

    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?

    Oh yes lol. I thought I’m one of the biggest Front Mission fans but looking at all the efforts people took at the project I have to admit that they are so much more than I. Also, with the project I found out about Square Enix’ plans about translation, cancelled and missed opportunities and understood all of the long and confusing background story of the making of the series.

    6. Why do you like Front Mission?

    I believe it is the deep gameplay and also the story. Don’t get me wrong, I practically rose up without any knowing of the story because of my bad English (and non existing Japanese knowledge) back then and never really got into it.
    Don’t get me wrong, when I was good enough I played FM3,4 and 5 again to have a deeper understanding of the story but most the time I adored customizing my wanzers. I spent so much time at farming money at the Simulator for right parts, or to buy most of them and compare their stats when they are upgraded. It’s also the look and feel, that makes everything so good and realistic. I still claim myself to be one of the best wanzer builders ^^ (along creative, but very effective combinations in FM5!).

    But still, the story, wow the story is just so great once you understand it. The plot is great if you play a game, but if you read all the background information (I sadly had to read summaries since I’ve only played the games to understand everything…) you see what kind of masterpiece Front Mission really is. It’s one of the things I envy Toshiro Tsuchida and the story writers (hope I wrote it right) most for.

    Everything is one big organism that plays perfectly together. The characters, the locations, the topics and grade of realism is just astonishing. The guy posting before me: Angel Jose Manuel Ribo Esguerra IV really made a point.
    I couldn’t explain better. If I’m ever going to make a game, a story or anything like that set in the real world (or an alternative universe) I try to aim for something similar epic. It’s even greater if you consider that everything from the first part is so perfect in canon like a brilliant genius made an alternative universe from scratch and only revealed parts and bits of his world piece by piece.

    I love/envy these people so much, thanks for giving me such cool memories and a great experience SE Front Mission Division! <3

  17. SouthernOb
    August 16th, 2012 at 08:30 | #17

    1. A friend told me there’s a game (series) have mech like Mechwarior(with body parts and custom gun) and turn-based just like Fallout2… that was how I meet Front Mission (NES)
    2.Obviously, the first FM.
    3.FM 1,3,4 and 5.
    4.My impression before the translation: “OMG why, why such a good game like FM5 is only in Japanese?” The gameplay is as near as perfect, though still miss the flanking element in FM4. I try to play the game with little understanding and fail, I try to study Japanese to play the game and fail… I see reality as an unfairness where such good game like FM and Fallout2 and such fading into the gaming history .
    5. And when I found this site/project, mind blew! So excited that I can not wait to see the final of the project and keep trying any pack that came out. At last, after long waiting years, my satisfaction is filled and beyond. It the first time, I realize that the series is nowhere near unknown to people, and there are so many things other than the main-stream ones, like manga ( God I love manga) and novel and spin-out game … and “yes, I’m no a weirdo who love weird thing that nobody like” thought delight me the most.
    First is for the sci-fi Mech, not all kind of mech catch my attention. Gundam look like bullshit to me, in space you don’t need humanoid shape, on land too big to be effectively used (especially in urban), too expensive to mass produce, not to mention that laser gun and light saber look so unpractical (as modern science view point), etc.. But Wanzer (and Votom) is perfect. Imagine these and the concept of power armor (apple seed, starcraft) put into practice, will change the face of conflict all over the world, a new page for modern warfare…
    Second, the gameplay. It have every attractive points of a turnbased stategy game (like fire-emblem, advance war… ) and a RPG. It’s take all day to talk about this… so long story short, I feel like playing fallout2 with additional customize on gear, or, feel like play Mechwarrior with a free hand and a big load of exp points, skills, abilities… in a perfect proportion
    Although enjoy the story line of FM5, I didn’t pay much attention to the story line of the whole series (sorry ’bout that). But I do love manga, and Dog day&Dog life sure a good one. It’s sad to know it coming to an end , I’ve just read the first vol and love it already. It’s the best when fiction is just a few feet away from reality.

    That would all I have for Front Mission, live in a distant country in SouthEast Asia, it hard to have a hand on FM material but I’m really grateful for what the FM’s creator and guys from this site have brought to me.

    My sincerest thanks and opinions!

  18. Masc
    August 20th, 2012 at 08:49 | #18

    1- I was out of games to play and had gone to a place where I used to rent games, asked the owner if he had anything to sell. And there it was, a game no one played (was like this with most RPGs) he put Front Mission 3 on a PS1 and said to me play it to see if I would like to buy. Was love at first glance.

    After that day, spent more than 1,245 hours on this awesome game. When my first memory card with 650 hours fried I almost cried in anger.

    2- Started in FM3, after playing the hell out of it, I went after the others games.

    3- Front Mission First, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, Trying to get my hands on Dog Life & Dog Style (Japanese version. Even if I can’t read it ; I want to buy =x )

    (got Evolved, but threw it on a place it deserved… the garbage)

    4- Since I started with FM3 in English, I was rather disappointed after finding out there was no way for me to play most of the series since I don’t read Japanese. And had no idea about the games being linked.

    5- Found something tons of info that I had never dreamed about, I was not aware that the history went deeper than the games. (All the transmedia)

    6- I really love sci fi, mechas, turn based games and a good plot (and even more when it involves politics).

  19. dunk2k
    August 22nd, 2012 at 12:56 | #19

    1) Front Mission first came to my attention when there was an advertising and selling push of Front Mission 3 on the Playstation (1) here in the UK – one of the game stores had an entire shelf and display section for it.

    2) My first dabble in Front Mission began with FM3 (see above). FM4 for the Playstation 2 totally passed me by, but thanks to the miracle of PS2 Emulation I’ve played both FM4 and FM5.

    3) Might have my copy of FM3 kicking around amongst a mass of boxes with items long forgotten about lol!

    4) My impressions of Front Mission, before I discovered the Translation Project, were based entirely on what I had played of FM3, which I liked. A very strategical turn based game with elements of customization that meant no play through would be the same. Because I’m in the UK, Front Mission didn’t get hardly any footing to help establish itself as a franchise in Europe – Square Enix’s overseas handling of FM to thank for that.

    5) The FM: Series Translation Project has really opened up a world of resources and information on a franchise I’ve come to hold dear to myself. I’ll be honest to say that if I hadn’t stumbled across the translation project I wouldn’t discover the true extent of what FM is and that would truly be a shame.

    6) Why do I like Front Mission? – The series has talent for story telling – from how and why individuals become who they are over time to matters such as domestic, economic, political and global issues whilst maintaining a near flawless amount of continuity – which in itself is a massive achievement. The wanzer element of FM injects fiction into a universe of strife and conflict that could be seen as discomforting game release after game release.

    I’ve always had love for robots; back in high school I was consistently being remarked about drawing robot schematics along side work I should’ve been doing in technical drawing class, playing to death a copy of Virtual On: Cyber Troopers for the Sega Saturn and watching the original G1 Transformers I had on VHS when I was a kid.

    Though the reality of robots/humanoid machines being used for mass domestic, commercial and militaristic solutions is primarily conceptual today, one could argue it’s in infancy, Front Mission explores that ‘what if?’ and at the same time delves into aspects of humanity that are so very true to real life – something that game developers nowadays are starting to use.

  20. Fimconte
    August 23rd, 2012 at 23:33 | #20

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
    Discovered Front Mission 1 on the SNES back in the day.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    3. What Front Mission products do you own?
    I’ve managed to collect FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5 and Evolved so far.
    Keeping a eye out for Alternative/2 on ebay, hopefully they’ll get translated by the time I manage to snag ’em.

    4.What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    Based on FM1 and 3 I was a huge fan of the series.

    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    Giving me the option to experience FM5 was awesome, it only solidified the series as a classic for me.

    6. Why do you like Front Mission?
    Wanzers, awesome story and interesting tactical gameplay.

  21. Neongrin
    August 27th, 2012 at 21:42 | #21

    1. Video Game Magazine called “Video Games”(Germany)
    2. Front Mission(Super Famicom version)
    3. FM1 (SNES&DS), FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM Evolved
    4. I’ve been a fan since the first game, even though I didn’t understand the story back then.
    5. It made something I always liked even better.
    6. I really like the “realistic” world with all the different Wanzer manufacturers, the storyline and the way it spans over all games

  22. sasapinjic
    September 3rd, 2012 at 15:23 | #22

    1. Friend buy it in France but he did not like it, so he gave Front Mission 3 to me.
    2. Front Mission 3.
    3. FM1, FM First, FM First DS, FM Gun Hazard, FM2, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM Alternative.
    4. Before great, after fantastic.
    5. Best game on ps2.
    6. Good story, great customization, wanzers, lots of tactics possibilities.

    September 12th, 2012 at 14:17 | #23

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
    Myself. When I found FM3 for PSX, I liked. Then I start to buy and play FMA and FM2, buying them directly from Ebay.
    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    Front Mission 3.
    3. What Front Mission products do you own?
    FM2, FMA, FM4, FM5, FMO, FME. Tons of Gashapons, manga, books and related merchandising.
    4. What were your impressions of Front Mission before the Front Mission: Series Translation Project was created?
    For me FM is one the best mecha-genre games saga. I´m very pleased.
    5. How has the Front Mission: Series Translation Project changed your impressions of Front Mission?
    The project improved all giving understanding language. Thanks to your team I finally understand the FM5 history and game menus.
    6. Why do you like Front Mission?
    History, environment closer to reality and Wanzers… off course!

    P.S.: Spanish Front Mission fans!!! You´re not alone XD!!!

  24. Mac Tyriel Lionheart
    January 16th, 2015 at 01:41 | #24

    1. i was just watching my friend playing (FM 3) at his house, i was so interested on the story line and of course the GAME PLAY
    2. bought Front Mission 3 for my self
    3. Front Mission 3, Front Mission 4, Front Mission 5 and Front Mission Evolve
    4. the best mecha-genre games saga i ever played
    5. Thanks to your TEAM i got to play Front Mission 5, in ENGLISH
    6. aside from the Wanzers, its the Game Play plus good Story Line