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What is Front Mission to You?

For something new for a change, we’d like to ask you about your thoughts and impressions of Front Mission. Here’s a few questions for all of you to consider:

  1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
  2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
  3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?
  4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?
  5. Why do you like Front Mission?

You don’t have to answer everything (especially if you’ve barely scratched the surface of Front Mission!), but we encourage you to answer as many of these questions as candidly as you can. Post your thoughts below or send them to our email addresses if you feel shy!

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  1. AD
    June 2nd, 2011 at 18:18 | #1

    I found out about Front Mission threw surfing the net. I started off with Front Mission on the Snes using the translation patch. I loved Mecha stuff like Gundam so naturally when I saw Front Mission I ate it up. I then proceeded to play FM3 then FM4. I never played 5 due to not being able to figure out PS2 emulators and not owning a Jap PS2. I think I died inside when I played Evolve. It wasn’t necessarily bad it was just so bad compared to all the other Front Missions. I still love the series and will continue to follow you guys both on the upcoming FM2 patch and on the ongoing video series. Keep it up guys.

  2. more_cow_bell
    June 4th, 2011 at 21:54 | #2

    i was looking for a srpg when i read about front mission so i went and found the snes rom playe it and loved it.i bought front mission 4 as soon as i found a copy and 3 the day it came out on the psn.i would say two of the best things about it are the hard sci fi and the grounded overarching political story. this is one of my favorite video game Series out there and its a crime how littile love this gets in the west so i just want to say thank god for people like you.

  3. June 5th, 2011 at 15:07 | #3

    1, 2. I read about FM3 in a videogames-related magazine. The article was ratter scarce on info, but this game being SRPG was all that I needed to know in order to warrant a purchase.
    3. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
    4. Not really, it pretty much remained awesome all the way through (Evolved doesn’t counts, obviously).
    5. It’s setting is fresh (for a japanese RPG, that is), the story is very mature, the characters are pretty deep, the battle mechanics are well thought-out and mecha upgrading is addictive.

  4. Fmfan76
    June 7th, 2011 at 04:37 | #4

    I found out about Front Mission browsing through the internet for anything cool. I read up about Front Mission on the frontmission.org website, which was the only place I knew of which covered the series…back in the day of course. Soon enough, I got a copy of FM3 from one of my relatives as a gift. At that time, I had never really played a tactical RPG before or even a mecha game! I gave it a shot on one day, but wasn’t too impressed. Then a few months later, I decided to finally play it and I was hooked on. Next up was the fan translation of FM1, which I played I think a year or two after beating FM3. FM4 soon followed after going through those two games and while I liked it, the game was a bit lame. It was nice to see some linkages between that and FM1 though.

    Anyways, when I first heard about FM5 I was amazed. It looked awesome and not itching to wait for an English version, I imported the game. I didn’t start playing FM5 until a few months later, but when I did, it was some of the best gaming moments I’ve ever had. So you can imagine my surprise when the game wasn’t announced for an English release! When I started to lose hope, FM1st for the DS came out in English. The game was a nice addition to my collection and I loved the new USN scenario plus all the extras that came with the port. Following that one, I decided to import FM2 and was amazed; load times aside, it was almost as good as FM5! But when I imported FM2089 for the DS, I just gave up all hope on FM5. So it made me happy upon hearing that a bunch of folks were going to make an FM5 fan translation!

    And what a surprise the FM5 fan translation was! It was really nice to see it in English, but even sweeter to see all of the links back to the other FMs that I had played. My FM quest wasn’t finished as I finally began to play through the FM spin-offs of Alternative, Gun Hazard, and finally Evolved. Alternative was slow but graphically awesome, Gun Hazard was great, and Evolved was pretty bad. Around the same time, I started to look into FM merchandising and got a few FM manga and light novels. I couldn’t understand the Japanese too much, but I got the feeling that it was truly mature stuff. I did understand the English bits in the books, which surprisingly flowed in English and not Engrish as far as the writing went.

    And my impressions of Front Mission? I don’t know where to start. Well, at first I did think it was just a tactical RPG with mecha. Loved the gameplay and playing around with mechs is cool. The more I got into it, the more I began to appreciate the plot and how plausible it was. Once I started noticing how well connected the stories were, I almost didn’t care about the fact it had mecha – FM had something that most mecha games don’t and I loved it. By the time I finished playing 9 of the 11 games, I just admitted that FM was a truly one-of-a-kind thing with mecha. But after reading the FM books that I’ve bought, no words can describe what I really think of Front Mission now. It is definitely THE best series Square has in their lineup and certainly their best as far as story goes.

    It’s a damn shame that it’s remained so unknown outside of Japan…so many thanks to you and your team for picking up the slack!

  5. Tsuska
    June 7th, 2011 at 05:40 | #5

    1. Can’t remember…
    2. Front mission (SNES) was the first one i bought
    3. Awesome story/characters but gameplay was a bit tedious
    4. Imrovements: Greater gameplay depth. Deterioration: Slow paced combat. Retarded english release decisions.
    5. Mecha, maturish story, interesting characters, customisation. Did i mention big giant robot vehicle thingies with big guns and stuff xD

  6. Lawl_b0t
    June 12th, 2011 at 00:52 | #6

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?

    My friend introduced me to emulation when we were kids, and suggested me Front Mission.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    Front Mission 1 SNES

    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?

    Great gameplay (Huge SRPG fan), Amazing GFX for SNES, one of the best mech games

    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?

    After aging many years I have realized Front Mission sheds light onto many things going in our world today, in the past and in the future that are not opening talked about. False flag attacks , Corrupt persons in positions of great authority in a state, media propaganda, ‘Forbidden’ research, weapons manufacturers dont make money if no one is buying weapons, etc

    Its graphics are still great, gameplay is good, and I still think Front Mission is a highly underrated game.

    5. Why do you like Front Mission?

    Well beyond the usual ratings of video games, and that I love SRPGs. I like the series because the Front Mission universe is very rich, and ‘dark’. I think it has some of the best story telling.

    Oh ya, and because it has big robots.

  7. Mr Write
    June 15th, 2011 at 04:16 | #7

    I got the DS port a long while ago, but never really far into it; I was turned off by the tedium of buying new stuff all the time, and the plot didn’t really grab me. Later, I came across the HG101 article on Front Mission, and then realized the full scope of everything. So I went back into it, and found that things do pick up after some time. The gameplay clearly needs some tweaking, but hey, it’s the first game. I assume things get better in later installments.
    Clearly, the best part of Front Mission is its epic storyline. I like how the protagonists don’t simply “save the world”, as is the case in every other damn plot. There’s only so much they can do, taking their place in only a small (albeit significant) part of the war. You really get a sense of scale in everything. Even when you do excel in defeating the enemy, there’s no sense of accomplishment in being “war heroes”, as the people you kill are aren’t evil; they want to bring about peace as much as you do. You come to understand that you are both simply human beings that happen to be on opposite sides. This is especially evident as soon as you start the next campaign, and find yourself at the receiving end of the hammer you just struck down in the last.
    I also enjoy how (relatively) realistic and mature Front Mission is. There are real consequences to the war, and you really do see them (as opposed to, say, Advance Wars, where war is just all shits and giggles). Politics and national interests actually factor into the plot. Wanzers actually feel like the next evolution in warfare technology.
    I was even will to suspend disbelief for the ludicrous brain computers, if only because it sort of makes sense that AI advances, even in the future, are still inferior to the human brain, being that the level of sophistication necessary for combat effective AI in the real world is impossibly difficult to program (though neuroscience must have progressed exponentially by then).

    I’m looking forward to your translation of Front Mission 2! I very much appreciate all the effort you guys have put into all this, and making the dream happen. Thank you.

  8. GoaFreak
    June 17th, 2011 at 21:59 | #8

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?

    Basically through the Hardcore Gaming 101 website and also from fellow members of a forum I am a member of constantly praise the series. I found it wasn’t a particularly well known series, I had never heard of it before and doubt I would if I wasn’t a member of so many (good) websites.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    Front Mission 3 off the PlayStation Network. What a bargain that was! £3 for my first exposure to the SRPG genre. I have a lot to be thankful for with that game since SRPGs are now, ultimately, my favourite genre.

    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?

    I really liked the refreshing art direction from a Square game. Seemed more maturn, more like the adult market was being catered to more by the looks of the screenshots of the games in the series and the sound of the storyline. It seemed unique; a mech strategy role playing game made by Square and it was a long running series. Never heard a single bad thing about the series from those who played them, either. So yes, very good first impressions indeed.

    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?

    Yes and no. Yes because I have played through various games in the series now; Front Mission DS, Front Mission 3, Front Mission: Gun Hazard and Front Mission: Evolved. Love them all (well, Evolved could have been better, but it was still better than expected). Seen how the series can change genre effectively with Gun Hazard and seen a Western studio try their hand on it too with Evolved, with mixed results. Seen footage of Alternative which changed the gameplay quite a lot, by the look of things. So the series is prone to changes, but one thing is ever constant to me; the storytelling, the characters, the fantastic art direction as well as character design and the fascinating world it all takes place in. No other series out there like it. Not many with this much scope.

    5. Why do you like Front Mission?

    Many things. The battle system for one; the games are made for an older audience from the norm, it gets the difficulty just right, the amount of customisation on your Wanzers, the tight tactical gameplay that is completely on its own and stands out when it gets compared to other SRPGs from Japan, the game is actually fun to play from start to finish, the characters aren’t just there for no reason; everybody has their own purpose and serves it well, the mix of industrial and ambient music, the atmosphere, the lack of the usual annoying anime tropes that has been creeping more and more into games made in Japan nowadays (the lack of cheese, I should say), the writing being masterfully done and the entire story which stays with you long after the credits roll.

    Just an incredibly well done series overall. I could go on all day and night about why the series is just right for me.

    I’d like to reiterate what the rest of the guys on here are saying about the FM series translations. For Front Mission 5; thank you. And thank you once again for putting in all of this effort into both FM2 and FM: Alternative, I REALLY look forward to playing them. You guys keep on rockin’.

  9. Alexey
    June 22nd, 2011 at 17:29 | #9

    As i recall ,my father brought Front Mission III from work , stating that he doesnt know good this game or bad . But when we put disc in console ,we soon discover that it is hard to stop playing this game ) Then i discovered Front Mission 1st on snes emu )
    I like this game because its very interesting ,like you read some good Sci-Fi story or watch interesting series . I tried to play Front Mission 4 ,but this game not so exciting as previous one (Maybe im getting old)

  10. RVR-72GV
    June 26th, 2011 at 14:05 | #10

    1. Maybe it’s destined?
    2. I start from Front Mission 3
    3.The world, the very well-done plots (the main FM plots I mean), the battles
    4.Nah. Even with Evolved’s somewhat lame presentation.
    5.The story, somehow reminds me of Ace Combat. I even consider this game as ‘Ace Combat with mechas’. Perhaps it’s one of a mecha franchise with the best storyline/world.

    also, *most* wanzer designs. Perhaps one of many most realistic modeled/designed mecha ever built.

    Oh, and the BGMs, especially Front Mission 5.

  11. The Gentleman
    July 6th, 2011 at 03:17 | #11

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?

    I just happened to play the translated rom on a friend’s computer back when I was in High School.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)

    Front Mission DS. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable playing the game on PC, so when this game came out, I got it at the first chance I could afford it. It is the MAIN reason I still hold on to my DS, and it totally validated my purchase of the system.

    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?

    It mixed things I liked. You had giant robots, robot customization, great story, geopolitical struggles, after effects of war on the human psyche, and it all came together in such a unique, and special way.

    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?

    It has. While I still love the series for the reasons listed above, the fact that gamers outside of Japan may never get to see the full story depresses me. They are definitely games I would love to play, and satisfy a much need niche in my gaming diet. I find myself looking at them as more of a “missed opportunity” now. I’d love to see them come out in a collection of somekind in the future though.

    5. Why do you like Front Mission?

    I haven’t played many games that manage to mix so many different things together and have it come out so well, so often. I enjoy how it focuses on the “everyday” characters that participate in the conflicts, instead of a random supersoldier. In short, you always feel like you are apart of something much larger than yourself, all of the time, and I enjoy that.

  12. Michael Skerritt
    July 7th, 2011 at 12:50 | #12

    1) I think it was an Unoffical SNES magazine back around 1995. They were heavily into the japanese gaming scene and devoted about half an issue to Front Mission on the SNES, with the assumption that such a westernised game would, without question, be coming to our shores. I took one look and was hooked on the whole concept of Roid’s quest to learn the fate of his lady.

    2) After waiting fruitlessly for a translation i eventually broke and bought the japanese game. Menus all being in english i had little trouble playing through the missions but i was so frustrated not knowing the story. The first English FM i got was #3 for my Playstation, i found the story far less captivating but still very interesting, with its hints of a much larger story.

    3) My first impressions were, oh boy this is the game i have wanted for ages. I love mecha, i love story-driven TBS (i’m a thinker and a planner, RTS are too fast for me). My first bite of the apple convinced me i was right in liking it.

    4) No, i can honestly state that i still enjoy the series as much as i ever did and dearly await a 6th official installment. Though that desire is mixed with trepidation at the likelihood of an official english translation being very low and having to wait years and getting a modded Xbox or something to be able to play any fan translations that emerge.

    5)I think my answers above pretty much cover #5. It just packs in so many things i like in games and in entertainment in general

  13. July 28th, 2011 at 16:03 | #13

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?
    I found out about FM by accident while playing the Playstation 1 at my cousin’s place. What was this mech game that I fit so easily into, and that I knew I would love at first sight? It was also my first exposure to customisable parts, the nearest being Diablo II (except with weapons and armour).

    2.Where did you start off in Front Mission?
    The first Front Mission I played wasn’t bought. It was given to me when the same cousin purchased a PS2, and had no use for the PS1.

    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?
    I was enthusiastic. I showed my brother and my friends. And it all bounced off their skulls. They were all either friendster people, or WWE or Counter-Strikers. To actually answer the question, I loved the skills that came with the parts in FM3, then was the fact that I had control over more than one Wanzer, not to mention the tactical grid that was completely new to me at the time (never played FFTactics, all the grid game I knew was chess and checkers). Most importantly; MECHS SHOOTING LEGS AND ARMS OFF EACH OTHER.

    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?
    The finer details I appreciate did not come much later till about a year or so ago, when I could afford a PS2 (which was 1/3 of what it cost at launching) and played FM4, FM5 about a year later (thanks for the translation, guys), and finally kept some of my education loan for a PC that would run FM Evolved (saved up as soon as I found out there was a Front Mission for the PC). With some growing up, I found delight in realistic factors such as friendly fire and ammunition. I came to have preferences in weapon choices and battle styles. Also, I paid attention and formed opinions to the sounds and music, not to mention that I also”felt” with some characters from the series. I saw Yun Lai Fa in a new light, I felt with Emma as the Imaginary Number experiment (eek forgot his name) blew up in his Wanzer before that particularly challenging stage (which yields massive non-purchasable parts). I laughed with Renges and I became sad with Lynn’s passing. A far cry from the simpler Mech tearing apart that I enjoyed when I was 14. I still love tearing wanzers apart, really I do. It’s just that now I use “Aim Body” instead of “RofUp III”.

    5. Why do you like Front Mission
    Why do I like Front Mission? …. where do I start? I can only tell what happens because I like it. FM will always remain my favourite series. I even name my blog in tribute to FM, tho only a few posts are FM related.

    ah… to attempt to fill the question…. it packs a story that isn’t stand alone like most of the Final Fantasy series. I get some measure of freedom in customisation, right down to colour and Wanzer name. Characters recur… oh yes… MECHS!….. and the tactical value of terrain, visibility, accuracy, evade being taken in before the shot is even fired. I also like the fact that it is turn based, something to mull over (especially with the likes of FM5).

    Just for the record, favourite Front Mission title is Front Mission 5, Scars of the War. The only problem I have with it is the brain power it saps out due to mission length. Music is awesome, with only Front Mission Evolved being able to compete where soundtrack is concerned.

  14. Matthew Capps
    August 29th, 2011 at 19:06 | #14

    1. My first experience with Front Mission was through a demo-disc packaged with Vagrant Story. At the time, I was eagerly awaiting the release of Chrono Cross, and Legend of Mana. After watching the preview videos for those two games, I played the demos for Threads of Fate, and Front Mission 3. I actually think I may have played the FM3 demo several times through. For whatever reason, I didn’t buy the game when it came out.

    2. A bit later, I heard about the translation of the first Front Mission. I decided to try the game out, and was a bit disappointed at the differences between it, and FM3. I did like the much larger squad, and the easier access to Wanzer customization though. It’s good that the game had that so early, because I only made it to the Hell’s Wall mission. I was so discouraged by my defeat in that mission, that I put the game down. Then, one day, I was in the local Babbages (or maybe it had become a gamestop by then.) I saw Front Mission 3 in the used games bin. I bought it, along with some other things. I got outside, and noticed I had only been charged a few dollars for Front Mission 3 (it was incorrectly scanned.) I went back into the store, and paid the sticker price.

    3. When I was first introduced to Front Mission, I was not very familiar with Japanese mecha. I was more familiar with the Battletech universe. I identified with the style of Wanzers very quickly because of that. The conspiracy elements reminded me of Deus Ex. The combat was everything that I liked about games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Vandal Hearts, and Vanguard Bandits, but with the mech customization that I enjoyed about mechwarrior. I loved both FM3, and when I finally learned how to effectively play it, I loved the first Front Mission as well. I eagerly waited for the translation of anything Front Mission related. It was, and still is a long wait.

    4. An appropriate number for the question. My impressions of Front Mission changed greatly with Front Mission 4. When FM4 was first released, I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it at all. The battles were too long. The two storylines did not seem related. I wished I could just dispense with the Durandal storyline, and play with the much more charismatic USN team. The game seemed too complex, and I remember being upset at not being able to eject enemy pilots. It took a long time for my perceptions to change.

    At some point, I lost my FM3 disc. I had played Gunhazard, and had finished another playthrough of the FM1. I wanted more. I looked begrudgingly at FM4. I didn’t want to play it, but I wanted to play something Front Mission that I hadn’t before. I decided to go ahead and start it up. I took some time to read some FAQs, and forum posts, and learn a bit better how to play the game. When I finally beat it, I realized how much more depth the game had than FM1 or FM3. For the first time, I tried to play Front Mission 2, but I couldn’t bear to play without knowing what was going on. So, I waited for a long time. I ended up getting FM1st for the DS, and buying a new copy of FM3. When I heard about the Front Mission Translation Project, I imported FM5, FM2, and FMA. I tried to wait until the translation of Front Mission 2 was done before playing FM5, but that need to play Front Mission cropped up too soon. I started playing FM5 just the other day, and I’m in love again. Well, mostly. I hate the Arena, but the amount that I love the Survival Simulator more than makes up for it.

    5. So, why do I like Front Mission? I don’t know. It has a feel that I haven’t seen replicated anywhere else. Unlike a lot of SRPGs, it actually requires tactics, and some good setup. You can’t win just by level grinding. The stories are well written, and avoid the campy high-school drama that a lot of Japanese media slips into. Also, I get to customize, and fight with, giant robots. What’s not cool about that? I like seeing the little cameos that pop up in the series, like Frederick in FM4, or learning who Maria is in FM1st, or fighting along side Hell’s Wall in the second scenario of FM1st, or hearing about Hell’s Wall falling in FM5. (Actually, anything Hell’s Wall pretty much makes me weak in the knees, considering the trouble they gave me the first time I played through FM1) Front Mission feels more like a world than any other game series I’ve played.

    So, thank you to everyone involved in translating Front Mission 5, and thank you to those still working with the projects for FM2 and FMA. I’ll hope and pray that one day, you’ll take up translating Border of Madness, or that you’ll have scanlations of the manga. I’ll dream that someone will be able to make an FMO private server. I’ll imagine that one day, another game will come out that has the same feeling that Front Mission did.

  15. Wilson
    November 24th, 2011 at 03:37 | #15

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission?

    Back in 1995 when we bought the SNES console.

    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought)
    FM1, still re-playing it on snes emulator 16 yrs later for nostalgic reasons…

    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission?
    Deep story – it was refreshing the story was original and has interesting characters. Wanzer setups and great soundtrack (FM1). FM5 no doubt the series best with cinematic cutscenes and more character development.

    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time?
    Played Mechwarrior / Mechcommander on the PC but I still think the war theme and mecha designs in FM stands out..

    Did not play FM2 as it was in Japanese. Finished FM3 and 4 and now onto FM5. Overall still rate FM as one of the best RPG (others incl. Xenogears/Xenosaga).

    5. Why do you like Front Mission?
    Its war theme and impact on the characters. RPG games appeal to me. Also loved the wanzer setups/customizations and simulations, boss battles – love watching those spiders (Zhuks in FM4) get hammered by Darril’s Rod…

  16. Sleepwalker
    January 27th, 2012 at 08:15 | #16

    1. I found out about Front Mission 3 from Squaresoft’s website before its release in 2000 when I was 14. I put a pre-order on the game and eagerly anticipated its release, picking it up first thing on the day it came out. While waiting for the game to come out I played a bit of Front Mission 1 on an SNES emulator, though I didn’t actually give that game a good playthrough until more recently.

    2. The first game I bought was Front Mission 3, which I played over and over again after it was released. It was instantly one of my favourite games.

    3. My original impression was that this game is badass, while playing FM3. I liked the sheer volume of missions and the fact that I could spend upwards of an hour getting through one battle.

    4. My impressions of the series as a whole have changed over time. FM5 has become my favourite, followed by 3, then 1, then 4. I’ve played a bit of 2 on an emulator, though after I found this site I’ve decided to save the experience until the translation is complete. From what I’ve played of 2, I think it will probably rank second for me in the series when I actually play it.

    5. The battle system as well as the rich detail of the story. The battle system is such an improvement over other games in the tactical turn-based genre, with different parts of the wanzers having their own health bar and the different classes of wanzer that go into strategic planning. There aren’t too many job classes, and there aren’t too few. I also really enjoyed ejecting pilots from their machines in FM3, or blowing the strikers legs off and evading their slow movements. Or knocking the arms off missilers and gunners. The battle systems are well balanced and for the most part adequately challenging.

  17. Ralph
    February 11th, 2012 at 13:55 | #17

    1. and 2.
    I found out Front Mission when I was 5 year old, watching my dad played FM on SNES, then I tried it myself but I sucked (well, what can you expect from a 5-year-old playing a strategy game?). Then 2 was pretty much the same. I watched my dad play it because 2 was too hard for a 7-year-old, plus the tutorials are all in japanese. The first FM game I played properly was FM3. I didn’t brought FM4 (my dad did), but I did play it.

    This time, I have grown up and become smarter. As my dad watched me beating Wagner effortlessly while his Elsa and Bosch kept being blown up by the lame Zaftran Spy, He got frustrated because he thought he was beaten by his 13-year-old boy in a strategy game.

    When FM5 was released, I purchased it with my pocket money (the first time I purchased a FM product), since my dad was losing interest in video games. But I still had quite a lot of fun showing him how I beat up Roid, Ash and Kazuki in the Arena (good thing that he remembered these characters).

    …It was quite interesting that our hours spent on FM began with my dad as player and me as watcher, and end with him as watcher and me as the player.

    Original Impression: Those mechs are badass, so was the skinny guy who go by the weird name Roid! (thoughts of a 5-year-old)

    (5-year-old at FM1st: Those mechs are badass!) —> (7-year-old at FM2: How come my wanzers cannot counter-attack? (now I know it is due to low AP)) —> (9-year-old at FM3: Kazuki is so dumb, it is really a miracle that he didn’t get killed.) —> (13-year-old at FM4: Jez, the links was so complicated, but fun though. Plus, Zead is awesome.) —> (15-year-old at FM5: (Fighting the Heroes in the Arena) Yeah, it is time to die, Roid!)

    5. Well, no offense for Gundam fans, but I really find the design of wanzers much more pleasing than other mechs. Almost all of the other mechs keep flying around, transforming into cars, getting piloted by pre-teen heroes, using laser swords and loading as many guns as possible. All these sound kind of… flashy and tasteless to me. Other mechs are simply so cliched when compared to wanzers. I love wanzers, that’s why I wanted to make a wanzer catalouge, but I heard that you guys are gonna include wanzers in the Classified Documents and you have more information in hand than me, so I gave up.

    I also find the complicated plots of FM very interesting (well, I started getting the plots only since FM3). As I got my hand on my own PC at age of 11, I started searching for FM information on the internet and learnt a lot about the plots… really excited about the Classified Documents! This is the first time I see a plot as sophisticated as this in a video game.

    Of course the gameplay of FM is also brilliant (even more interesting that each installments differ greatly from each others in this aspect).

  18. Shadow
    February 26th, 2012 at 09:12 | #18

    1 & 2. I found out about Front Mission when my dad bought Front Mission 3 for my 11th birthday in May 2000.

    3. At first I wasn’t too excited about getting it because I had never heard anyone talking about it, and my dad wasn’t the best at picking out games. However, after playing the first few missions, I was completely enthralled with the story and the gameplay. To this day, I think I’ve played over 400 hours worth of front mission 3.

    4. Front mission was and still is my favorite strategy game series. It has disappoints me and I can’t get enough of the games. I’ve played FM3, FM4, a translation of FM: Gun Hazard, and I plan to play FM5 now that the translation is finished. Can’t get enough and I hope they bring future FM games outside of japan.

    5. I like Front Mission, because not only do the games have great stories and music, but they have lots of customization choices and the battle system is excellent. Easily my favorite games out of the mech or turn based strategy types of games.

  19. April 14th, 2012 at 20:00 | #19

    1. How did you find out about Front Mission? In game store
    2. Where did you start off in Front Mission? (i.e. the first Front Mission product you bought): Front mission III
    3. What were your original impressions of Front Mission? When I look from the game cover, I have a little doubt, but when I played it, it’s much, much, muuuch better.
    4. Have your impressions of Front Mission changed over time? Still the same
    5. Why do you like Front Mission? The character, mature story, many modification, realistic/ reasonable environment, mech and technology, little bit gambling or I don’t know when will I use super punch or super misille skill (i.e. tackle 1)

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