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Happy 2012! News of Missions from the Front…

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Happy 2012, everyone! We hope that the new year has been good for all of you! It sure was for us when we found out that right on New Year’s Eve of 2011, our website had registered over 600,000 unique visitors since February 2008! It’s quite a milestone and one that very few of us ever thought we’d reach haha!

Anyhow, onto some Front Mission news!

Gun Hazard Radio Drama Series Released!

As some of you may already know, several of our team members were engaged in localizing the Gun Hazard radio drama series from Japanese to English. A small pet project that one of our team members was very passionate about, if only because they LOVE Gun Hazard! Well, now we’re pleased to say that this project is done. Check out our project website for the links to this nifty holy grail that expands on the world of Front Mission: Gun Hazard, released before the video game came out in Japan!

Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style Invades France!

Are there any Front Mission fans living in France? If they do, feel free to check out the first volume of Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style (including a nice motion comic trailer of it!)…now in the French language! French publisher ki-oon has also released a sampler of the first chapter of the omnibus, which can be found here. If you’ve never been exposed to what Front Mission is like outside of the video games, then you’ll be in for quite a surprise! Be warned though; this seinen manga is deliberately made for the adult audience (much more so than the other expanded universe media) and is NOT for the faint of heart.

Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style Lives On In Japan!

Still a heavyweight in the seinen manga realm and in Square Enix’s own manga line-up, Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style will continue to have new chapters well into 2012. The ninth volume is already confirmed for release and according to Kyle (who was in Japan for the past few weeks), it’s very likely that the series will continue into 2013. So while things don’t look very good for Square Enix Co., Ltd. in the future, at least Front Mission remains defiantly alive with continued support from its Japanese base.

That’s all for now. Happy 2012 again!

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  1. Tsuska
    January 31st, 2012 at 11:34 | #1

    Good work guys XD Really awesome.

  2. Sae
    February 24th, 2012 at 15:24 | #2

    You guys are great ! As I live in France, I bought the first volume of DL&DS and it’s just awesome. I also preordered the second one. I hope they’ll eventually translate the other FM’s mange like The Drive. Keep up the good work !

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