The Front Mission franchise is a transmedia entity - a collection of video games and other media. Sadly, much of the franchise was never seen outside of Japan. The project brings together a passionate team of Front Mission fans who have decided to produce localizations of Front Mission content so the rest of the world can enjoy the series as originally intended.

We do not condone piracy in any form. We respect all Square Enix Co., Ltd. copyrights and trademarks as fully as possible. This is a purely voluntary, not-for-profit localization effort. We do this for love, not profit, of the franchise. We hope Square Enix Co., Ltd. will have empathy and understanding in this matter.

The Team

The Founders:

  • IcemanUK
  • LegaiaRules
  • slavik_cc
  • Vicious_KAT


  • mikklo
  • snarkles
  • inihility
  • willchu
  • Peter08101985


  • AK
  • MoxHypKa
  • bayfield
  • w_z


  • Dunan Mithryn
  • FBMWhite
  • SlamVook


  • wswingley
  • ArkGear
  • mahoryu
  • silverfox


The Front Mission Franchise

See the FrontMissionpedia for more details!


All inquiries about the project, please make a posting at GameFAQS on the Front Mission 5 Message Board