The Project Team welcome donations and we have opened a PayPal account for this purpose. The donations are used to support the running of the project, nothing else. Examples of running costs are web-hosting costs.

Donate via our sister project

Unless you wish to stay anonymous (please say so in your PayPal payment message), we will list the names of all donators in our Donators Hall of Fame - this is just a fun way to thank you for your donation by immortalizing your name on the website!

>= 100$David Schrock, Joseph Lockhart, Anton Logvinov, Matthew Capps
>= 50$Nicholas Pacella, Thomas Race, Artem Parshin
>= 25$Samuel Rodriguez, Ryan Yewell, Christopher Gouin, Kees van der Mark, Karl Pesl, Brian Figueroa, Art Moore, Kip Schroller, Martin Greip, Michael Skerritt, Ronald Ramsey, Nguyen Thanh, Jens Nerlich
< 25$Jesse Gregory, Wan Naiimah, Tomasz Zielinski, Mohammad Zaim Ramli, Boris Strogov, Stefan Plagemann, Nathan Fisk, Ignacio Paterson, William Ho, Abukari Wedderburn, Greg Mustoe, Christian Carroll, K Lim, Tiemoko Ballo, Andrew Stamps, Kenneth Broce, Brian Lang, Tengku Razali, Eugenio Tobar, Shiyun Liu, Roland Belle, Dingo, Alejandro Rodriguez Veliz