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The Project Team welcome donations and we have opened a PayPal account for this purpose. The donations are used to support the running of the project, nothing else. Examples of running costs are web-hosting costs.

Unless you wish to stay anonymous (please say so in your PayPal payment message), we will list the names of all donators in our Donators Hall of Fame - this is just a fun way to thank you for your donation by immortalizing your name on the website!

>= 100$David Schrock, Joseph Lockhart, Anton Logvinov, Matthew Capps
>= 50$Nicholas Pacella, Thomas Race, Artem Parshin
>= 25$Samuel Rodriguez, Ryan Yewell, Christopher Gouin, Kees van der Mark, Karl Pesl, Brian Figueroa, Art Moore, Kip Schroller, Martin Greip, Michael Skerritt, Ronald Ramsey, Nguyen Thanh, Jens Nerlich
< 25$Jesse Gregory, Wan Naiimah, Tomasz Zielinski, Mohammad Zaim Ramli, Boris Strogov, Stefan Plagemann, Nathan Fisk, Ignacio Paterson, William Ho, Abukari Wedderburn, Greg Mustoe, Christian Carroll, K Lim, Tiemoko Ballo, Andrew Stamps, Kenneth Broce, Brian Lang, Tengku Razali, Eugenio Tobar, Shiyun Liu, Roland Belle, Dingo, Alejandro Rodriguez Veliz
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