Product History

All products are categorized based on their chronological order of release. Release date pertains to the product's original release in Japan (or North America and Europe, where applicable).

ProductRelease DateType
Years 1995-2000
Front Mission Official Guide Book30-3-1995Guide
Front Mission - Military Guide17-4-1995Guide
Front Mission - In Huffman20-4-1995Art
Front Mission - Last Stand in Huffman13-7-1995Guide
Front Mission - Practicing with the Beyer1-8-1995Music
Front Mission: Gun Hazard Official Guide Book26-3-1996Guide
Front Mission: Gun Hazard Official Fanbook8-4-1996Data
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Military Guide25-4-1996Guide
Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Practicing with the Beyer10-9-1996Music
Front Mission 2 Guide Book25-9-1997Guide
Front Mission 2 Official Player's Guide31-10-1997Guide
Front Mission 2 "Road to the Honor"4-11-1997Guide
Front Mission Alternative Guide Book18-12-1997Guide
Front Mission 2 Guidebook - Wanzers of the Elite5-1-1998Data
Front Mission Alternative Complete Guide10-2-1998Guide
Front Mission Alternative Official Guide Book21-2-1998Guide
Front Mission 2 - Practicing with the Beyer10-6-1998Music
Front Mission 3 Fastest Strategy Guide for Beginners2-9-1999Guide
Front Mission 3 Postcard Book2-9-1999Art
Front Mission 3 Expert Player's Manual5-11-1999Guide
Front Mission 3 Perfect Works20-11-1999Data
Front Mission 3 Official Strategy Guide (English)14-3-2000Guide
Years 2001-2005
Front Mission - Mercenary's Guide12-7-2002Guide
Front Mission First Official Guide Book21-11-2003Guide
Front Mission 4 Official Guide Book, First Edition18-12-2003Guide
Front Mission 4 Official Guide Book, Completion Edition16-1-2004Guide
Front Mission 4 Official Perfect Guide20-2-2004Guide
Silence - The Art of Front Mission 1995-200312-3-2004Art
Front Mission 4 Official Strategy Guide (English)11-6-2004Guide
Front Mission: Online - Navigation File29-7-2005Guide
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War Official Guide Book29-12-2005Guide
Years 2006-2010
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War Official Perfect Guide30-3-2006Guide
Front Mission First Official Complete Guide22-3-2007Guide
World Historica - Report of Conflicts 1970-212129-3-2007Data
Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness Official Guide Book12-6-2008Guide
Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness Official Complete Guide30-6-2008Guide
Front Mission Evolved: Official Complete Guide16-9-2010Guide
Front Mission Evolved Signature Series Guide (English)28-9-2010Guide

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Front Mission 5: Scars of the War

Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness

Front Mission Evolved

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