Throughout Front Mission's history in Japan, it has been blessed with all kinds of creative and unique advertisements. A constant theme with these advertisements is the use of broken English, or Engrish as it is better known. The following are several advertisements which have segments of Engrish within them. Some of them are actually good enough to pass off for fluent English, while others are clearly written in broken English (with grammatical errors!). Take a look and see how Westernized even Front Mission's advertising was in its Japanese homeland!

How does a man survive the battlefield that Huffman has become?

Front Mission (video game)

The Larcus Incident

The United States of the New Continent announced that their munitions plant, located in the Larcus district of the Huffman Island home territory, was attacked and destroyed by four Wandrung Panzers of the Oceana Community Union. In response, the OCU denied that the incident occured, and claimed that it was a plot concocted by the USN. The two countries could not be reconciled, and the entire military force on the island was put on red alert. This is the second breakout of the Huffman dispute.

The OCU dealt with the Vanzer pilots, whom the USN claimed to have participated in the attack against them, by announcing that they were "Missing in Action" following a practice run. Apart from the top brass, the only ones who are aware of the facts, are those pilots who had participated in the tactics.

Front Mission Original Sound Version (OSV)

What makes him be in the battle field? Who or What is his enemy? And for whom he's going to fight? Why he's going to fight for someone?

Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard Official Fanbook

The Orbital Elevator "Atlas"

Learning from the tragedy erupted by the global resource dispute at the beginning of the 21st century, an enormous tower was constructed by means of an pearth scale enterprise upon resurrection of a global peace plan.

The human race was to obtain peace through the sharing of galactic resources provided by the "Atlas", but...

Before the completion of the "Atlas", the application of global thermal nuclear technology became embodied by the better population.

At the same time, political disputes arose around the entire world, and due to this factor, the already unstable political state of affairs began to crumble under this regime.

In order to ensure the protection of the human race and to raise the efficiency of the "Atlas" itself, the invention of the bi-ped machine which took into account, the finest technology and innovation of each country combined, eventually came to be used only for the purposes of military task operations--

Front Mission Series: Gun Hazard Original Sound Track (OST)

The year 2102. OCU, the republic of Alordesh was suffering of poverty. Soldiers of Alordesh crying for their homeland's sad plight rose at once. They declared independence from OCU and called themselves a revolutionary troop. Their attack reaches the Rimian station base of OCU troop.

OCU troop soldier Ash Faruk and his party encounters the revolutionary troop. They manage to get through the spot after violent battle, but the country was totally under revolutionary troop's control.

The main characters go under chaos of Alordesh's control and plans to escape from Alordesh's power. But eventually, they find out that there is great conspiracy behind this coup d'etat...

Front Mission 2 Promotional Poster

In 2012 A.D. Alordesh soldiers, in their small republic of O.C.U. deploring their motherland crisis, made resistance to their leaders. They named themselves "Revolutionaries", and declared their independence...

Front Mission 2 Guide Book

Nobody knows who is right and who is wrong. But one thing I can say is that the revolution has certainly happened. Some fought for their beliefs. Others fought for their lives. All of them fought for their own reasons. Now we will show you the record of their battles.

Front Mission 2 "Road to the Honor"

In April 2034, taking the situation very seriously, OCU answered by committing "WAW fighting troops". That was a leading card of an antiarmored unit, into the actual fighting for the first time in history...

Front Mission Alternative Guide Book

Desire spawns madness. Madness collapses into disaster. Mankind never learns.

Front Mission 3 Postcard Book

I believe that we are always looking for something to give our lives meaning: work, family, or even basic greed, anything that can let us get through today, tomorrow, and the day after. If we lose this anchor that keeps us moored to the shores of reality, we become derelicts on a sea of loneliness, carried slowly away by the drifts of time...towards death. But some people can become the winds that fill our sails and the guiding light that brings us to safe harbor. I believe it is a power we all have. All we need is the will to use it.

Front Mission 4 Official Guide Books, First and Complete Editions

In the southeastern corner of the Pacific Ocean lies Huffman Island. Once the stage for a war between the O.C.U. and the U.S.N., this island was split neatly in half between the two nations at the end of all aggressions.

The year is 2089. Three years after the Huffman Crisis, the two nations have begun preparations for open war. While both nations' factories work to build sufficient armanents, men and women who would trade their lives for a sum of gold-mercenaries-are called in to defend both sides of the Huffman border.

Front Mission 2089