Product History

All products are categorized based on their chronological order of release. Release date pertains to the product's original release in Japan (or North America and Europe, where applicable).

Video GameRelease DateProduct
Phone Cards
Front Mission1995Phone Card
Front Mission: Gun Hazard1996Phone Card
Front Mission Alternative1997Phone Card
Front Mission 31999Phone Card
Front Mission1995Poster
Front Mission 21997Poster
Front Mission Alternative1997Poster
Front Mission First (PlayStation)2003Poster
Front Mission 42003Poster
Front Mission: Online2005Poster
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War2006Poster
Front Mission First (Nintendo DS)2006Poster
Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness2008Poster
Front Mission Evolved2010Poster
Other Merchandising
Front Mission1994-1995Calendar, Pin Badge Set, VHS
Front Mission: Gun Hazard16-11-1995VHS
Front Mission 21997Mousepad, T-Shirt
Front Mission Alternative1997VHS
Front Mission 31999Fan
Front Mission 3 (Millennium Collection)28-9-2000Key Chain, Pen Light, Wallet
Front Mission Project2003Calendar
Front Mission First (PlayStation)2003DVD
Front Mission (series)1-2-2004Magazine Issue (Dengeki)
Front Mission 42004Demo Disc (English)
Front Mission: Online2005Controller, Guide, Mousepad
Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style2010Baseball Cap
Contest Merchandising
Front Mission: Gun Hazard1996Gun Hazard Super Mission
Front Mission First/42003Double Mission Campaign

Game-related Merchandising

Phone Cards


Front Mission promotional poster.

Height: 50 cm / Width: 73 cm

Front Mission 2 poster.

Size: B2

Front Mission Alternative Poster

Other Merchandising

Front Mission Pin Badge Set

Front Mission 3 fan.

Height: 35 cm

Front Mission: Online mousepad.

Height: 13.5 cm / Width: 19 cm

Front Mission 2 Famitsu T-Shirt.

Size: Large

Front Mission First Promotional DVD

Front Mission: Online Starting Guide Book by Famitsu PS2, with full color pages.

Release Date: May 27, 2005 / Pages: 36 / Height: 26 cm / Width: 21.2 cm

Series-related Merchandising

Front Mission (Alpha Version)/Chrono Trigger Endless Tape Promotional VHS.

Release Date: November 22, 1994 / Running Time: Approx. 63 minutes

Square Special Video VHS (with Alpha Version of Front Mission: Gun Hazard)

Release Date: November 16, 1995 / Running Time: Approx. 17 minutes

Front Mission Project Calendar

Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style baseball cap.

Drawing: Wanzer "Loki" / Autographed By: Yasuo Otagaki, C.H. LINE

Contest-related Merchandising


  • Royd Code: Front Mission Online, Beta Version (500 winners)
  • Kevin Code: PlayStation 2 BB Pack (10 winners)
  1. One PlayStation 2 in Midnight Blue color
  2. One PlayStation 2 BB Unit
  • Elsa Code: PlayStation 2 BB Unit (20 winners)
  • Darril Code: Zenith Figure, Special Color Version (9,470 winners)
  1. Figure is based off of the Front Mission History version

Gun Hazard Super Mission prizes.


  • Wanzer Pilot Official Kit (500 winners)
  1. Two custom phone cards with winner's name engraved on them
  2. One phone card mount
  3. One custom dog tag with winner's name engraved on it
  4. One metal case
  5. One paper case
  • Original Telephone Card (1,000 winners)
  1. One custom phone card with winner's name engraved on it