- December 31, 2009

So you've enjoyed the main course and we now serve the first of the desserts. These collages help players get a better grasp of how deep the series is and to better illustrate the points made in the interview. Please click for full size:

There is more to come - please watch this space!

Front Mission 5: Final Patch Available...NOW!

- December 29, 2009

After 2 years in development, 2000+ pages of dialogue and thousands of hours of work, the team is proud to announce the availability of the final patch for Front Mission 5: Scars of the War - today on the 4th anniversary of the game release.

We've created this promotional poster to commemorate the release, please click for the full view:

As a friendly reminder, please kindly respect the team's wishes to keep the downloads of the beta patch on this website only. With Front Mission 2 and Alternative projects in progress, it would be unfortunate to run into unwanted legal troubles later on.

Enjoy the "main course"!

FMV (Full-Motion Video) movie with English subtitles

The team has also translated the prologue movie, with English subtitles, that appears right at the beginning of the game:

(:youtube bFgRTO6xv6o:)

Developer commentaries

Want to find out more about the project and the localization process? We were interviewed recently by Path of Valour, a TRPG fansite. Full interview here.

So, what about dessert?

It's coming... Watch this space ;-)

Christmas Dinner Appetizer...

- December 21, 2009

An "appetizer" is how we're describing today's update. The menu is:

Professional-quality English Manual with revised DVD cover and label

Note that the manual is presented in 4-page imposition so that those with duplex-page printers can get a professional manual booklet with all the page numbers in the correct order. This page and this details how to configure Word and several other document processors for the correct page imposition.

If printing, then the recommended paper is:

  • DVD box cover - card stock or hard glossy paper
  • DVD disc label - sticky glossy (non-hard) paper
  • Manual - hard glossy paper for cover, inner pages in glossy paper

The team recommends you get down to your local graphic design/print shop and get it professionally printed. They will also know what to do about the page imposition. It should not be expensive.

OGGCamp 2009 Trailer

This is a special trailer prepared for a presentation at a technical "unconference" in the UK to which we were invited. Some photos are available here.

(:youtube vt3jHkyFKJ4:)

New Screenshots

We have some funky new screenshots of the Front Mission 2 translation and... <crowd gasps> Front Mission Alternative?! Check them out and we'd kindly request that you buy an original Front Mission 2 (if not already) when our first patch becomes available.

About the final patch...

Sadly there is no final patch on this menu. The final patch will be available in the "main course". For that you'll have to be patient just a little while longer as our chefs prepare it with just a little bit more seasoning and let it cook just a bit longer. Expressed more plainly, the delay is down to some technical hiccups with the cut-scenes and we're focussed on making the final patch a top-notch quality release.

Oh, and the delay has another benefit - lets just say that you're going to love the "dessert" :-D


  • 1 - Front Mission First.

Who is the series creator and visionary?

  • 2 - Front Mission 2.

The game is a continuation of what on-going stories in the series? What stories from other Front Mission games did it foreshadow?

Who are the recurring characters and what Front Mission were they from? Among the recurring characters, which ones were foreshadowed?

  • 3 - Front Mission 3.

The game is a continuation of what on-going stories in the series?

One character is foreshadowed in a previous Front Mission, sequentially and chronologically, before officially appearing in this game. Who is that?

  • 4 - Front Mission 4.

The game is a continuation of what on-going stories in the series?

Who are the recurring characters and what Front Mission were they from?

  • 5 - the five major consolidated nations in the series.

What consolidated nation was created first, the O.C.U. or Republic of Zaftra?

  • 6 - the assigned division number for the Front Mission development team at Square Enix Co., Ltd.

The Front Mission development team is comprised of developers from a company Square Inc. (prior to the merger) bought out. What was this company called?

  • 7 - the pilots assigned to a U.S.N. strike force in the series.

This strike force is known as the Silver Lynxes. What is their military designation and who are those pilots?

  • 8 - the executives of a company involved in the production of the only methane wanzer in the series.

This company is located in Indonesia. Who are they?

  • 9 - the number of prototype models created under a certain wanzer line in the series.

This wanzer line was developed by Schnecke. What is its name?

  • 10 - the most battle encounters with any antagonist in the series.

Only one antagonist has this distinction. Do you know who this is?

  • 11 - the combined total for playable characters exclusive to both scenarios in Front Mission 3.
  • 12 - the number of pilots working for IMAC in Front Mission Alternative.
  • 13 - the designation of the only wanzer to have stealth abilities in Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness.
  • 14 - the number of battle simulations for both scenarios in Front Mission 4.
  • 15 - the amount of missions on the E.C. scenario in Front Mission 4.
  • 16 - the time gap, in years, between Front Mission 3 and 4.
  • 17 - the combined mission total for the three scenarios prior to merging in Front Mission 2.
  • 18 - the amount of playable characters on the O.C.U. scenario in Front Mission First.

Special Notice: Start playing Front Mission 1st, 2, 3, and 4 if you have not done so...and throw in 2089: Border of Madness for good measure. Front Mission 5: Scars of the War wasn't billed as "the grand conclusion" for nothing in Japan!

Revised Box Cover and DVD Label

- October 16, 2009

Now available are stylish new versions of the team-produced box cover and DVD label, created by the Project Manager himself. Oh, and we've changed the banner of the website to shift the focus of the project away from just Scars of the War to the whole series. With Front Mission 2 underway there are exciting times ahead!

Front Mission to the power of 2 - New Screenshots

- September 22, 2009

The translation of FM2 is taking shape and 10 new screenshots have been added to the Screenshots section.

Prototype Patch 4 available!

- September 21, 2009

No, not the complete Patch 4 - this is a prototype containing translations for all the base dialogue. The vast majority of the game is now in English. Please don't blame us for not having everything ready; you try working with 2000+ pages of text on a volunteer basis for a few months! Nevertheless, we have completed our minimum quota of at least having all of the major parts translated. You can play the game as is and won't be missing out on too much.

We intend to release the complete Patch 4 in a few weeks time.

Oh, and we will have another suprise soon. Here is a teaser:

Revised Patch 3 now available!

- April 24, 2009

As promised, we've now released the revised Patch 3 which contains a whole bunch of new things translated including Tutorials, Arena combatant names and unit names.

While there is still stuff to do in the FM5 Translation we have already started looking beyond it. You didn't think we would end at Front Mission 5, did you? There are new frontiers to conquer and the next one the team has planned is Front Mission 2! Enjoy our teaser picture! ;-)

Translation Stage Complete

- April 15, 2009

As of today, the translation stage of the project is complete! The team is hard at work in editing the game's dialogue and is planning on releasing Patch 4 sometime in the summer. Many thanks to those who have supported the project, team members included!

New Screenshots from Patch 3 (revised)

- March 29, 2009

We've updated the Screenshots section with some new images from the revised Patch 3. This upcoming revision will include the Tutorials and translations for details such as Arena combatant and unit names.

Fan Artwork

- February 14, 2009

A big thank you to "Kai", a Front Mission 5 fan who not only produced the splendiferous title artwork above but also submitted a lovely piece of banner art for folks to place on their websites. We really do appreciate and encourage stuff like this. Many thanks Kai!

We've also been sent a nice take on the box cover artwork by another fan, "Gaetznes". Thanks!

Another fan, sj420, has produced a stylish desktop wallpaper for us in a variety of resolutions, get them here. Many thanks!

Happy New Years 2009 and Custom Box Cover

- January 4, 2009

Although the holiday season has passed, the team has decided to start 2009 with a special treat for everyone who supports the Fan Translation project. You can now download a high quality English box cover created especially by the team - get it here. The artwork is faithful to the Japanese original so purists need not worry about its quality. Enjoy our present and please remember to spread word of the project to others!