Do You Want To Know More About Front Mission?

- December 29, 2010

First off, we thank all of the fans who have supported our Front Mission projects since day one. It's been quite a long journey and we wouldn't have made it this far without your support! As of the one-year anniversary since the release of our final Front Mission 5 patch, we are pleased to say over 450,000 views have been recorded on this website since then! Even more impressive is that over 110,000 visitors have downloaded the patch itself, not counting the previous ones before it!

This proves that had it been handled properly by Square Enix (and old Square), Front Mission could have been a success overseas. And it should be since it's a unique video game-based franchise that offers so much more than just the games itself.

We have released a new recurring character collage, as well as a promotional advertisement for the video series; both of these can be found in here. As for Front Mission 2, we'll provide you an update on that as soon as possible.

- December 21, 2010

Anyone looking to play Front Mission 3, but can't do it because your PlayStation broke down? Well, you might be interested in getting in for the PlayStation Network because it's coming out this week!

In other news, we have uploaded a nice banner showcasing all of the Front Mission titles in its video game, manga, and novel line-ups! You can download it here.

- December 8, 2010

Hello fans! As the winter holidays draw near, we're getting ready to officially unveil the first episode of our video series. We're also trying to solve the patching compatibility issues that we've heard about from some of you. Rest assured, our programmers are working the problem so everyone can enjoy the Front Mission 2 translation!

In the meantime, we have been busy updating Front Mission's Wikipedia articles to weed out the misinformation out there...so much that we have made a complete list of all known Front Mission media! The article can be found in here. We'll also be adding a link to it on the FrontMissionpedia section while we're at it. Check it out and you'll see how much more there is to Front Mission aside from the video games...and still remains Japan only! You might also want to check out the new recurring characters article while you're at it. You might be shocked to find out how much recurring characters there are! And that tally is just for the video games alone!

Lastly, don't forget to check out our blog for new updates and information! We've added a link to the side bar now so you can access it easily. :)

- November 21, 2010

While it's still under construction, the Front Mission Series Translation Team is proud to invite the fans to visit the new project blog. We will still be posting information here, but if you want to better keep in touch, check out the blog for new updates.

- November 6, 2010

Now that Front Mission Evolved has been released and the franchise is once again in the video game spotlight, how many of you are interested in learning more about the series? Are you a Front Mission fan who doesn't think the video games can work outside of the turn-based strategy genre? Someone who only knows the video game entries that made it outside of Japan? Someone who wants to know more about the developers behind this franchise? Or are you a fan who thinks that there's much more to Front Mission that was never publicized outside of Japan?

If any of these questions apply to you, we've got a lot of "presents" to give out today!

Front Mission 2...

...now has a patch ready for release! Well, an early prototype patch to be specific. Rather than do what we did with the Front Mission 5 project, the team has decided to go for a "one size fits all" patch approach. But, before that can happen, we need to ensure that something works - our data conversion tool! Yes, you read that correctly. Thanks to the efforts of a certain Carnivol, data from either the original or the History/Ultimate Hits version (more details can be found in our FAQ) can be converted and transferred. This process works both ways so don't fret if you have one version of the game and not the other!

As for the contents of the early prototype, it's the same as our very first one for Front Mission 5 - interfaces and gameplay data. Try it out and see the early work that was done with the project back in Fall 2009. If you have any problems getting the data conversion to work, send us a message! Now where is this data conversion tool? Well, you can see for yourself in here...

The Front Mission Series...

...has been significantly revamped! We have added some new sections, documented more product information, and wrote up a brand-new, 3-part article on the development history of the series. There's a lot of information that you might be surprised to learn about the franchise on its origins and just how big it really is.

Also tucked inside the article is profiles of the developers themselves! Like with our article of documenting the franchise's development history, the team did a lot of research on the men and women who have made their mark on Front Mission. We highly recommend checking out The Writers section...

Front Mission: Gun Hazard...

...now has a new video up! During the team's search for the "holy grails" of Front Mission, we stumbled across a VHS tape. In fact, a particular VHS tape that just happened to showcase a live-action film of the video game! The video shows the opening to the film, which was shot and released back in 1995...a year before Front Mission: Gun Hazard came out! You can check out more information about this here. Just as a heads-up, this isn't the only film that Front Mission has made...

(:youtube HlArwHthhK4:)

Front Mission Collages...

...now has a few new additions to the collection! 12 collages are now available for viewing to those who want to see the recurring cast of the Front Mission video games. Don't think that's it because there's more collages that have yet to be shown! As usual, these can be found in here.

Front Mission Evolved Updates

- November 2, 2010

Front Mission Evolved has been released for some time now and hopefully you've gotten a chance to check the game out. Over the past few weeks, Square Enix has announced a number of promotions for the game. These are detailed below:

Patch Update

For those who haven't touched the multiplayer mode, a patch will be applied to your copy of Front Mission Evolved when you do access this mode. The patch contains several technical fixes, as well as rebalanced damage output to weapons such as bazookas and rockets. If you're still not satisfied with the changes, be sure to voice your complaints to Square Enix's Support Center!

Downloadable Content (DLC)

If you already have the game and want to play around with new wanzers and parts, you're in luck! Square Enix has released two Wanzer Packs and two Weapon Packs, along with one Map Pack and a brand-new "Last Stand" pack. Japanese players have already received all of these, but don't fret! Wanzer Pack 2 (the first one was the Calm/Recson pre-order bonus) and Weapons Pack 1 have been released on November 2, 2010; Weapons Pack 1 is free.

Weapons Pack 2 and Wanzer Pack 3 are scheduled for release on November 9, 2010 and November 16, 2010 respectively. Map Pack and Last Stand packs will be available on November 24, 2010.

Original Soundtracks

Are you a fan of the diverse music that Front Mission has to offer? Looking to hear Garry Schyman's music without interference from the sounds of battle? If so, you're in luck! Square Enix has released Front Mission Evolved OST / Mission 01-05 for iTunes! This digital soundtrack contains music tracks heard from the story campaign's first five missions. It also includes a bonus track done by DJ Kaya, titled Military Tune/α:Kalen. If the name sounds familiar, it should because it's a re-arrangement of the very same track from Front Mission First!

Papercraft Contest

Are you an avid practitioner of papercraft and want to make something Front Mission-related? If you are, consider this - Square Enix is hosting a papercraft contest! Winners can get free Square Enix Members points, free copies of Front Mission Evolved, an XBox 360 gaming console, or a four-feet tall papercraft wanzer! As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, go make the best papercraft wanzer you can! For those who don't want to enter the contest, you can always download the pre-made papercraft wanzer that Square Enix has made available!

Front Mission Evolved Has Been Released!

- September 28, 2010

The wait for Front Mission Evolved is over! If you happen to live in North America, check out your local video game retailers. For those living in Europe, don't worry! The game will arrive there on October 8, 2010. While you might have some reservations about the change to a third-person shooter (TPS) genre, please remember this is not the first time Front Mission has ventured into other genres. At the very least, give it a rental...it's good enough for one!

Also, for any action figure collectors out there, be sure to check out the upcoming Zephyr and Enyo models from the Play Arts Kai Volume 2 line-up!

Last but not least, we'll have an announcement about Front Mission 2 coming soon. For now, suit up in your wanzers and hopefully we'll be seeing some of you on the battlefield!

Upcoming Front Mission Items!

- August 31, 2010

A bunch of Front Mission products are scheduled for release in the upcoming Fall season.

1. Front Mission Evolved is scheduled for release on September 16 in Japan, September 28 in North America, October 7 in Australia, and October 8 for Europe. Pre-order now at retailers such as Gamestop and Amazon to get the Calm and Recson wanzer models for use in the game!

2. Looking for some Front Mission action figures? Well, coming some time this Fall is the Zenith LXXI-HB model from Square Enix's Play Arts Kai - Volume 1 line-up. Other Front Mission models, such as the Zephyr and Enyo, are also in the works for Play Arts Kai - Volume 2 which has no release date yet. We suggest getting the new Zenith now...before it's sold out!

3. For anyone who is into strategy guides, Brady Games is releasing one under their Signature Series line. In Japan, Square Enix is releasing the Front Mission Evolved: Official Complete Guide. The guides will be released on September 20 and 16, respectively. We're not sure if there is a strategy guide for the European version, but if there is, be sure to check it out wherever it is!

4. We don't know how many people have been checking it out (or even know about it!), but Front Mission - Dog Life & Dog Style 06 is set for release on September 25. The current Front Mission manga series from Young Gangan is penned by one of the PDD6 writers, Yasuo Otagaki - the creator of Moonlight Mile.

And that's it!

Front Mission 2 Will Be Released...

- July 31, 2010

Hello, everyone! We hope that summer (or winter if you're in Australia) has been going well for you. The team has a new update regarding Front Mission 2.

After much discussion, the team has decided to release Front Mission 2 patches under the condition that no pre-patched "image" files, or game patches, will be circulating on the web. This decision was made upon receiving reports that several of the pre-patched Front Mission 5 "image" files were being taken off on the web. We understand that there are still several of these files circulating on the web, so the Important Notice will remain on the home page.

To those who have helped in taking these files offline and notifying us about them, thank you. You have done a big favor to the team and everyone who is anticipating the completion of the Front Mission 2 and Alternative projects. Speaking of which, here's a promotional advertisement created by our Project Manager:

The advertisement can be downloaded here. And the release date? Well, here's a hint...think Front Mission Evolved. :)

Front Mission and Third-Person Shooters Can Work!

- June 21, 2010

As long-time Front Mission fans, we have noticed a lot of negative press floating around with the upcoming Front Mission Evolved. While we have our own concerns about the game, there's one thing that we noted the most. Front Mission changing genres from turn-based strategy into a third-person shooter, or TPS. Yes, there is concern for the genre change, but the point itself isn't really a valid criticism. Why?

Front Mission has already ventured into the TPS genre through Front Mission: Online back in 2005! Our Project Manager highlighted this out in an analysis of the game, which can be read here. Russian fans can read a translated version of the article at the Path of Valour. A few other team members got to play it too, and agree that the genre change point is nothing to get upset about. The series' showings in Front Mission Alternative (real-time strategy) and Gun Hazard (side-scrolling shooter) also serve as reminders of why it embraces change. Even its spiritual predecessor, Assault Suits Valken (or Cybernator as you might know it), was an action-oriented game...developed by the Front Mission developers themselves!

To that end, we intend to clear up any misconceptions about what Front Mission is through new articles and videos. For now, please take a look at the following Front Mission: Online video that was recorded by our Project Manager:

(:youtube exwYpgFrMH0:)

Change can be good, and Front Mission has proven it can be through its three spin-offs. :)

Updates Galore!

- June 7, 2010

First of all, make sure you read the Important Notice before reading on. It's very important that you do.

Now, with that out of the way, onto the new updates!

Box Covers & Disc Labels

In preparation for Front Mission 2, the team has made a stylish, high quality DVD box cover available for download. Also, new DVD box covers were made for Front Mission 5; one is a standard version, and the other emphasizes its storyline. All three are standardized, so to speak, and have our team's banner on them. Likewise, a sizzling new disc label was created for Front Mission 2.

You can check out the box covers and disc labels here. Enjoy our newest promotional items created by our Project Manager and Translation Lead!


Acting upon a request from a site called Hardcore Gaming 101, our Project Manager, Translation and Editing Leads worked together on an analysis of the Front Mission series. Covering the games as well as items like merchandising, it's an well-written concise overview of Front Mission, its unique qualities, and what makes it stand out. The article isn't 100% complete, but feel free to read what's there now. It can be found in here.

In addition to the series analysis, an article about Front Mission merchandising was created. There's a lot of interesting products that have been released in the series' 15-year history. From books to action figures to even vinyl records, Front Mission has a diverse history of merchandise. Take a look and read about it on here.

Other Items

Due to popular demand, we have released a Front Mission 5 file that contains a modified Hangar. To be specific, a modified Hangar listing of gear that sells all base parts at their starting rank! It requires some hex coding knowledge to apply, but we have created a guide on how to make it work. Check out the Downloads section if you want it.

Also, we have a new, tenth character collage up. It's also in the Downloads section, so check it out to see more of the series' recurring cast of characters! And finally, check out the Front Mission Series section...it's been greatly updated with new information and links!

Front Mission Alternative Updates and More!

- May 2, 2010

Hello everyone! As the release date of Front Mission Evolved, due out sometime this spring, draws near, the team has new updates to share with all!

Front Mission Alternative

The team is pleased to present a new batch of screenshots and a brand-new trailer of the Front Mission Alternative translation. Over 20 screenshots have been made available for viewing in here.

The new trailer can be seen below:

(:youtube v5nrw_8pf9w:)

Front Mission Collages

We have a new collage from Front Mission 5: Scars of the War available for viewing! As mentioned in our last update, these collages can be found here.

New Front Mission Updates!

- April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! We have quite a number of updates on our various projects, translation or otherwise, so read on!

Front Mission 2 Screenshots

Over 25 screenshots have been made available for viewing, showcasing story and gameplay elements of Front Mission 2! Check them out here.

Front Mission Collages

Three more collages have been made available, all from Front Mission 4! You can find them, as well as the first five, in here.

What is Front Mission: Online?

As part of our new initiative to transform our website into a centralized hub for Front Mission, we will be having articles on what the series is and what makes it so unique. To start, our project manager wrote up an article on their experience with Front Mission: Online and why you shouldn't fear the genre change with the upcoming Front Mission Evolved. The article can be found in here.

Sneak Peak at Front Mission 2!

- March 8, 2010

The Front Mission 2 trailer is now available for viewing! While the work is far from finished, the team is making good progress. Anyways, enjoy the video!

(:youtube NOjEEig5SVw:)

For the Fans, By the Fans

- March 7, 2010

The team is pleased to announce that since the release of the beta patch in December 29, 2009, there have been over 40,000 downloads and counting! The numbers were well above the team's expectations, most of which were ranging from a few thousand to roughly 10,000. So, don't be afraid to admit that you like Front Mission because there are tens of thousands out there that do! :)

In light of recent news and inquiries about the Front Mission series, we have prepared something special for the fans. A new Front Mission Series section has been created in order to help everyone learn more about the series, the games, and other items related to the series. As information on the series is hard to come by outside of Japan, not to mention the lack of a true centralized hub for the series, the team is looking to fill this missing gap. Front Mission is a truly special series and it deserves some much-needed attention. The Front Mission Series section is the first of several steps to turn our website into a true centralized hub and we hope that you, the fans, will support our new initiative.

Also, enjoy this collage of recurring characters from Front Mission 3 and stay tuned for our first trailer showcasing the Front Mission 2 translation project!

More Front Mission 2 and new Website Banner!

- March 4, 2010

New screenshots are up from the Front Mission 2 translation showing even more of the game taking shape. Check them out here. Also we are indebted to talented artist Connary Fagen for the website banner you see above. Thanks Connary! :)

More Desserts!

- January 25, 2010

We hope that everyone is enjoying the "appetizers" and the "main course". Today, we have prepared new "desserts" for you to feast on: more collages of the series' recurring characters! A series with unprecedented depth and immersion such as Front Mission is best told in pictures so that's what these collages are for! There's more to come in the near future so stick around!

Russian Fan Translation Project

- January 5, 2010

The Republic of Zaftra wants you to join...the Zaftran Army! Jokes aside, our update today does has something of interest for Russian players. Thanks to the efforts of a certain MoxHypKa, a merged Russian-English translation patch is available for download. As was explained to us by MoxHypKa, the Russian is 100% authentic with Cyrillic font and GUIs. Most of the content is in Russian and the rest in English; we gave them permission to use our work on bases, interface data, and tutorials. MoxHypKa has all of the instructions and such needed to apply this patch in the file archive.

While the team has not personally tested this patch, we support fan translations in other languages and hope this proves popular with Russian-speaking players!

до завтра! (Da zaftra!)