Four Years Later...

- December 17, 2011

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the Front Mission: Series Translation Project!

As for what's been going on in the past few months, I strongly advise you to read this new blog entry. Speaking as a member from the original team ("new management" has been fired from their jobs), I think this will answer any questions you have about the project's status. So drop whatever conspiracy theory you may have and read it!

- Tyler

New Management And A New Patch!

- June 30, 2011

Hello everyone! The Front Mission: Series Translation Project has been undergoing internal changes over the past few months. And ones that mean the original founders of the project won't be very active in the future...but they'll still keep this site up and running! Things will just be handled by new management, that's all. :)

And with that, they have left a parting gift for you to enjoy - a brand new patch for Front Mission 2! Well, it's not quite the official release of the second prototype patch...and you won't be able to use it with an original version of Front Mission 2 either! So for a limited time only, say a month or so, you can try out this new patch and see the kind of progress being made!

Do You Want To Know More About Front Mission?

- May 29, 2011

We have a few new items up in the Downloads section. Namely, a few fan-submitted wallpapers for Front Mission 2 (thanks to a certain "sj420" fan) and Front Mission Alternative packaging created by the team. Check them out!

- May 25, 2011

Thanks to lady luck and some real hard searching, our team acquired some extremely rare Front Mission items. Namely, two in-store promotion VHS products which contained alpha (otherwise known as pre-beta) versions of Front Mission and Front Mission: Gun Hazard. Trailers of the alpha versions can be viewed in the Featured Videos section, so check it out!

- March 1, 2011

After 6 years of successful service, the Front Mission Mobile project is now officially over. It was a unique experiment that was well received by the Japanese audience, as Front Mission 2089 went on to get remake treatment in the form of Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness. Front Mission 2089-II, unfortunately, will remain Japan-only...here's hoping it also gets remake treatment!

- February 25, 2011

All Front Mission fans are welcome to talk about anything Front Mission-related at the Mess Hall! This new page on our project blog was a response to the people wondering where they can talk about Front Mission matters on the web. We don't have any plans to set up a forum, so stand up and say whatever's on your mind about Front Mission at the Mess Hall!

- February 21, 2011

The team has finished writing an analysis of the overseas handling of the Front Mission franchise. If you've ever wondered why Front Mission was largely neglected, want to know the extent of how poorly Square has treated the franchise, or why Front Mission 5: Scars of the War was never localized, we highly recommend that you read this article. You can also access the article from our FrontMissionpedia section. You'll be in for a shocker, so read away!

- January 1, 2011

Happy New Years! Front Mission officially turns 17 years old as of today! We sadly couldn't resolve the Front Mission 2 programming issues in time for a last minute 2010 release, so the date has been pushed to this year. Rest assured, these issues are being ironed out so the team can release the English patch in due time. In other news, we've released a new blog posting with some nifty statistics on the Front Mission franchise.