A Tribute to Front Mission

- October 30, 2012

Today marks the release of the tenth and final omnibus volume of Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style in Japan. It is also marks the day that we, the translation team, will begin our tribute special to Front Mission!

In the Downloads section, you can download collages of the Front Mission video games. Each of the collages has their own theme, as a tribute to how the video games were always about trying new things out.

This is only the beginning of our tribute special so stay tuned for future updates, as we discuss in our latest blog posting, later towards the end of 2012!

- Translation Team

The End...

- October 5, 2012

...of Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style is today! And if you read our "The End" section of our project blog, then this also is very likely the definitive end of Front Mission! Stay tuned for a tribute special to this one-of-a-kind work of art in the near future!

- Translation Team

Front Mission 2 Compatibility Issues Fixed!

- September 6, 2012

After a bit of analysis and with some help from a certain person named Powerpuff, the team is happy to announce that we have a new patch upload for Front Mission 2! The contents of the upload are the same, but now you will find a second patch included in it. Anyone who has had problems applying the original patch should have no problems doing so with the second one. Be sure to read the Readme file attached in the upload first, so you don't get confused on what patch to use!

In addition, the data conversion tool has been included in the patch upload. Although this has not been tested thoroughly, the team thinks that the second patch can also be applied to converted image files of the original version of Front Mission 2. More details can be read in the Readme file. With that said, head onto the Downloads section and try it out!

Also, we have updated our project blog with a new "FAQ" section for a bunch of Front Mission-related inquiries many of you have asked the team about. Lastly, don't forget to check out the "The End" and "Testimonials" sections on our project blog.

- Translation Team

Another Special Announcement To All Fans...

- August 2, 2012

To: All Front Mission Fans!

First off, if you haven't done so, go and read the "The End" section at our project blog! When you're done reading it, post your thoughts! :)

Second, we just created a new section titled "Testimonials" and read it! And when you finish reading...you get the point! :D

Lastly, spread these news to all other fans that you know! In person, online, wherever! As long as they have some interest in Front Mission, they count!

- Translation Team

A Special Announcement To All Fans...

- July 22, 2012

Hello, fans! The team would like all of you to take a look at our project blog for a special announcement. Aside from our monthly posting, you might notice a new section on our blog titled "The End". What's this all about? Well, go and find out for yourself!

Oh, and please remember to donate! Our site renewal is coming up soon and with much of our funds used up for development costs, any support will be much appreciated!

- Imran

Front Mission 2 With Events Script!

- July 15, 2012

Just a small update from the team for today: the zip file with Patch 2 for Front Mission 2 has been updated. With what exactly? With a translated events script for Front Mission 2! The events script covers the remaining story events which are still in Japanese, and were not covered in Patch 2. So if you're up for reading what basically is a novel (with novel-level writing quality!), you can now play the video game and understand everything!

This new updated zip file can be found in the Downloads section and replaces the file we released this past June 25th.

- Wilson

A Look at Front Mission Alternative!

- July 5, 2012

Happy "insert early July holiday" Day, fans! The team has a few small updates to share with you all. Before we begin, we hope that you enjoy our latest work on Front Mission 2.

Thanks to an anonymous source in Japan, we acquired a VHS with a very rare trailer of Front Mission Alternative in its alpha stage. This nifty trailer can be viewed in the Videos section.

And thanks to another anonymous source, we have a nice scan from the magazine publication, GameFan. What's the scan about? It's an English preview of Front Mission Alternative, showing that the game was indeed supposed to be localized overseas! The preview can be found in the overseas handling of Front Mission article.

- Wilson

End-of-Spring Front Mission Special!

- June 25, 2012

Hello, everyone! All 650,000 of you, as we have finally cracked this milestone! The team hopes that you enjoyed our Front Mission goodies from last month, because this month's batch is even better. Why?

We have finally released the official Patch 2 for Front Mission 2! And even better, we have also released Prototype Patch 1 for Front Mission Alternative! As mentioned months ago and on our project blog, Patch 2 for Front Mission 2 is the equivalent to the Revised Patch 3 for Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. However, unlike in Front Mission 5: Scars of the War, roughly 70% of Front Mission 2 is in English. Basically, it's playable and you can actually follow the story to a certain degree!

With Front Mission Alternative, Prototype Patch 1 falls in line with the first patch releases for Front Mission 2 and Front Mission 5: Scars of the War. Even though the video game has an English language option which affects the interfaces and such, quite a bit of it still remained in Japanese. Well, that's not a problem anymore!

These two patches can be found and downloaded in the Downloads section. Also, new screenshots have been released in the Screenshots section to showcase our progress. On other items, we have released a disc label for Front Mission Alternative (also in the Downloads section) and made an update to the "Engrish" advertisements article. Enjoy!

Oh, and don't forget to donate to the cause! We need to keep this website and our blog alive, you know!

- Kyle

New Front Mission 2 Prototype And Other Goodies!

- May 29, 2012

Today is a great day for some new Front Mission updates. Why? We have a new Front Mission 2 prototype patch for all of you to see! This new test build shows off more of the missions and story events in English. As promised, we are slowly plugging away with the tricky programming of the video game. A lot still has to be done with some of the other text sections, even though the translation and editing were done back in fall 2010. However, progress is progress! Check it out in the Downloads section to try it out.

Among other Front Mission-related news, the team also has two other items to share with everyone. These would be spreadsheets of miscellaneous Front Mission information and scripts for the Front Mission video games recurring cast! They're also in the Downloads section, so check them out. As an aside, you can get a sneak peak of some Front Mission 2 story bits if you check out the scripts.

If you're interested in learning more about the recurring cast in the Front Mission video games, our Project Manager has updated several guides at GameFAQs with more details on their appearances. We won't spoil anything, so check them out!

On a final note, check out our latest blog posting for one last surprise of the month!

- Wilson

Minor May Day Update

- May 7, 2012

We have made a minor update on our article on the overseas handling of Front Mission. Former Square Enix Co., Ltd. translator, Tom Slattery, confirms that an English localization of Front Mission: Online was indeed in the works. Why? Because he was working on it...

- Wilson

An Easter Surprise...

- April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, fans! We apologize for the lack of an update about our March Madness. The team was initially planning to release new items for all to see, but unforeseen circumstances put a halt to that.

That being said, we do have one of our items ready for all of you, and we feel that this is our best one. What would that be? An analysis of Front Mission as a transmedia! A 50-plus page monster several months in the making which was written by the whole team, this is the penultimate analysis of what Front Mission is truly all about. To all those who have wondered why Front Mission is so misunderstood, or why there is far more to Front Mission than just video games, this is for you! We won't spoil much more than this, so take some time and read it!

The analysis can also be found in the FrontMissionpedia section. Oh, and one last thing: we have also embedded a secret slideshow within one of the pictures in the analysis. Once you find it, be sure to click on the picture to activate the slideshow. Where is this picture? Well, here's a hint...look for a Play button icon within the picture!

Don't forget to read up our latest blog post! Our project manager has some words he would like to share with you all. :)

- Wilson

Front Mission Wanzer Equipment Spreadsheets Released!

- March 4, 2012

Hi all! We have a minor update to start off the March Madness - spreadsheets of wanzer equipment in Front Mission! Anyone who plays the Front Mission video games and needs a quick reference to wanzer part stats should all check this out. It covers everything but Front Mission: Gun Hazard (which has a very linear customization scheme), Front Mission 2089-II (which no one can play), and Front Mission: Online (which is already finished). The spreadsheets can also be found in the Downloads section.

- Kyle

Gun Hazard Universe "Behind The Scenes" And More!

- February 28, 2012

Hey everyone! The team has some new goodies for all of you to feast on.

First, we have updated information on the Gun Hazard Radio Drama Series that we forgot to add when it was uploaded. Aside from new details on its conception, each episode's illustrations have been changed accordingly. Now everyone can see some beautiful Yoshitaka Amano artwork for the radio drama series' cast that was never released anywhere!

Continuing on with the Gun Hazard expanded universe, we are pleased to present you with "behind the scenes" insights of the Gun Hazard film! Thanks largely to our translation lead, who was in Japan earlier this year, we were able to secure very rare data about the film from some...special sources. Read all about the details of a major filming location in the USA, the Westernized elements of the film, and its Westernized filming crew with credentials that include Terminator 2!

Also, check out our newest article on the "Engrish" advertisements of Front Mission! It's pretty neat looking at how Westernized even the marketing was for Front Mission, in Japan no less, in retrospect. Some of the "Engrish" could actually pass for fluent English, while other blurbs are not so fluent. Anyways, check it out!

Lastly, we have a new character collage showcasing 50 Faces of Front Mission! It's 50 recurring faces from the Front Mission video games, arranged in a nice timeline-styled fashion. We would have included the expanded universe media too, but then that number would be well over 100!

The updated Gun Hazard Radio Drama Series, Gun Hazard "Behind the Scenes" Film and 50 Faces of Front Mission can also be found in the Downloads section, just for your information. Oh, and don't forget to read our newest blog post for some more nifty details!

- Wilson

Gun Hazard Radio Drama Series Released!

- January 29, 2012

As we noted on our most recent blog entry, the team was working on one of the rarer holy grails of Front Mission - the Gun Hazard radio drama series. We are proud to announce that as of today, this expanded universe project has been finished! For any of you Front Mission: Gun Hazard fans out there wanting to know more details about the Gun Hazard universe, head on over to the Downloads section! You may also access the radio drama's scripts through the Front Mission Gun Hazard Radio Drama page as well.

On a side note, we are also proud to say that we have cracked the 600,000 visitors barrier since the new year began! Thanks for your continued support of our projects and be sure to check out our project blog for future blog posts on anything Front Mission!

- Tyler