Our 6-Year Anniversary!

- December 17, 2013

Time sure does fly fast because today is our 6-year anniversary since we began the Front Mission 5 translation project!

Since we began that project and continued with other projects, we've gotten nearly 800,000 visitors who wanted to know more about the world of Front Mission. It's a mighty impressive number and we're hoping that one day, we can hit the golden 1 million mark!

Take a look at our latest blog posting for our thoughts of our 6-year journey to learning more about the world of Front Mission!

- Translation Team

A Tribute To Front Mission

- September 8, 2013

We have added some commentaries on our part on the Tribute page now. Please check it out!

- Translation Team

- August 27, 2013

Hello, everybody! We have finished our site maintenance tasks and have uploaded the final patch for Front Mission 2. You can also download it from our project blog and on our Downloads section.

Also, we have released our tribute package for the Front Mission franchise. Be sure to check out the page on our project blog for more commentary on this!

- August 22, 2013

Today marks the final release of the French edition of Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style. More so, this is the final release of any product bearing the Front Mission name. As such, we think itís time to pay a tribute to one of the most unique works of art not only in video games, but among all media as well.

Please read our Tribute page on our project blog for more details. As we are currently doing site maintenance, you can also find our final patch for Front Mission 2 in there as well. The final patch will also be available for download here when we have completed our site maintenance.


  • 1: "Realistic impression of our world's future."
  • 2: The "founding fathers" of Front Mission (Toshiro Tsuchida, Shinji Hashimoto).
  • 3: The number of the first Front Mission video game to be released outside of Japan.
  • 4: The total amount of Front Mission novels which were released.
  • 5: The total media the Front Mission brand has encompassed (video game, comic, novel, film, radio drama).
  • 6: The most frequently used number in the entire Front Mission franchise, and the lucky number of the Front Mission developers.
  • 7: The amount of numbered Front Mission video games which were released.
  • 8: Years passed since the release of Front Mission 5 ~Scars of the War~ in Japan.
  • 9: The total genres the Front Mission video games have covered to some degree: SRPG, TBS, RTS, TPS, FPS, side-scrolling shooter, rail shooter, MMO, and puzzle.
  • 10: The amount of Front Mission video games which were part of the original plan for the franchise (excluding Front Mission Evolved, which was not planned, and Gun Hazard, which had its own separate vision).

Updating Front Mission 2...

- March 28, 2013

Hello, fans! We apologize for the lack of communication over the past few months. The team has been very busy with real-life commitments and have had little time for other things. Anyways...

Due to the programming difficulties, we have decided to stop development of our Front Mission 2 project. The remaining 30% of the text reinsertion has proven to be more difficult than expected. We would need to invest a significant amount of time to crack the encryption, and none of us on the team have that kind of free time any more.

That being said, we will polish up the current patch and will release a new revision in the near future. Don't forget that the patch package includes a supplementary script for the remaining 30% of text, so you'll still be able to get the full story experience!

- Translation Team